How to Lock Hidden Photo Album on iPhone with iOS 16

How to Lock Hidden Photo Album on iPhone with iOS 16

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  • must do: Settings > Pictures > press Use Face ID or Use Touch ID.
  • To view locked photos: Open the hidden album in the Photos app > tap View album. Unlock with Face ID / Touch ID.
  • You can also secure the hidden album with your own security passcode.

This article explains how to lock hidden photo album on iPhone without having to use a third party app for your photos.

How to lock hidden photos on iPhone

when you Hide photos on your iPhone, they disappear from the camera roll. These photos are still on your phone though, only in the hidden album. Unless you close the hidden album, anyone with access to your phone can still see these hidden photos by opening that album. This security feature requires iOS 16 or later, and your device needs support Face ID or Connection ID If you want to lock the hidden folder, use one of these methods.

Here’s how to lock hidden photos on your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings and tap Pictures.

  2. Click on Use Face ID or Use Touch ID Toggle to turn it on.

  3. Optionally, you can also click File Show hidden album Toggle it off.

    Use this option if you don’t want to announce the fact that there are hidden photos on your phone.

How to check and view locked hidden photos on iPhone

You can double-check that your hidden album is indeed locked by opening the Photos app. The album will still be there as long as you don’t choose to remove it from the album list, but you’ll need to use Touch ID or Face ID to view the photos.

After several failed attempts of Touch ID or Face ID, you will be asked to unlock the album with your passcode. If you share your passcode with anyone, they will be able to view your hidden photos using this method.

Here’s how to check if your hidden album is locked:

  1. Open the Photos app and tap albums.

  2. looking for lock codes next to Hidden and Recently Deleted under Tools.

  3. To view your hidden photos, tap hidden.

  4. Faucet View albumthen use Touch ID or Face ID to open the folder.

Why lock photos on iPhone?

Apple has introduced an option to hide photos on your iPhone for a while, removing them from your Camera Roll and putting them in the Hidden Album. This is fine if you don’t want an image in your public camera roll, but it doesn’t actually prevent anyone from seeing the image. If you hand your phone to someone to check some of the photos you’ve taken, there’s nothing to stop that person from switching to your hidden album and seeing photos you don’t want anyone to see.

The Photos app has a setting that lets you hide a hidden album, preventing it from showing up in your album list. This is useful, as it helps you avoid advertising the fact that you have hidden photos, but it doesn’t actually stop anyone from seeing those photos. If someone knows what they’re doing, they can easily locate and view your hidden album even if it doesn’t appear with your other albums.

Hidden album also fails to protect your hidden photos in other ways. For example, when selecting photos using the photo picker in other apps, it will let you drag photos from the hidden folder.

The hidden album lock option, introduced with iOS 16, protects your hidden photos. When this feature is turned on, you secure your album hidden behind Face ID or Touch ID. If someone tries to access the hidden album without your permission, they will be greeted with an empty folder. This feature also locks recently deleted photos in the same way.

In addition to locking your hidden photos in the default Photos app, this option also protects your photos that are hidden elsewhere. Pictures hidden in the photo picker will not appear in other apps, nor can they be accessed in any third party apps either.


  • How do I delete a photo album on my iPhone?

    In the Photos app, go to albums > show all > release and press red circle in the album to delete it. This does not delete the photos, only the album. The photos remain in the All Photos album.

  • How do I move a photo to an album on my iPhone?

    To move a photo or video to an album, open it in the Photos app and tap three points > Add to album. Choose an existing album or tap a new album.

  • How do I share a photo album on my iPhone?

    Play Shared Albums on iPhone To create albums that you share with other people. When you (or someone else in the shared album) take a photo, you have the option to put it in the shared album, and everyone gets a notification.

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