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How to get the iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island on your Android phone today

If there’s any brand that can turn design limitations into the next popular feature, it’s Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro was launched with an extended notch for the grain on its screen to house the front camera and sensors required to operate Face ID.

While the new design takes up roughly the same space as the notch found on regular iPhone 14 models, Apple has added a touch of software magic that allows “Dynamic Island” to be the place for interactive notifications. Unsurprisingly, Android took less than a week to get its fair share of Dynamic Island clones, and we’re looking at one of the best ones today.

Get Dynamic Island on Android with dynamicSpot

It’s safe to say that iPhones are usually a few years behind AndroidBut more often than not, the iPhone launches with a new, bold, sparkling feature. Just a few days after the unveiling of the iPhone 14 Pro and its dynamic island, some features of MIUI started to be imitated. However, courtesy jaumu—Developer well known for its useful apps, we now have a fully functional version of Dynamic Island for iPhone on Android.

The app can be downloaded on any Android device to make more use of the punch-hole selfie camera. DynamicSpot requires some permissions to start working, but the in-app instructions made the process very easy.

Download: dynamic spot (Free in-app purchases available)

  1. Download and run the dynamicSpot app on your phone.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions, and grant all the permissions the app needs.
  3. under Select apps, you can choose to install any app on your phone to send notifications via DynamicSpot. Doing so will bypass the normal app notification system and will instead appear as an interactive notification about your phone’s temperature.
  4. As for the Notification access and the Draw on the screen So just tap the toggle button when prompted.
  5. tap on he did And you are all set!

Immediately, you’ll see notifications stream to the dynamic island, which is now your new home for viewing and interacting with notifications.

Some special events such as travel distance, timers and even music that are currently playing are supported and work just fine. You can long press on the bubble to expand and interact with the notification, or swipe it away. Clicking once on the dynamic island will direct you to the respective app.

In classic Android fashion, the app took the idea from Dynamic Island on iPhone And it brings more features to it. Even though most interaction settings are locked behind an in-app purchase, there is still room to wiggle and end up with a useful shortcut in your status bar.

Other features of the app include the ability to allow simultaneous popups, to mimic what the iPhone 14 Pro can do. The default size and position should work just fine for most Android phones that have a hole in the middle.

If your phone has one of those angled aperture cameras, you can still play with the dynamic island position, but most of the content may get clipped if you push it too far to the edges. You can always use the default and choose two pieces on your screen – we’re kidding, don’t give any ideas to Apple!

Add both charm and function with the dynamic island

dynamicSpot works best with Android devices that have a center-aligned camera that sits in either a punch hole or a water drop hole. Once set up accordingly, the app may prove to be very useful and not just a gimmick.

Whatever Apple does, the industry follows — and it’s safe to say that Dynamic Island could be the next sparkling feature for other phones. Some Android manufacturers have already started borrowing Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro.

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