Merge Photos with Duplicates album on iOS 16.

How to Find, Merge and Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

The Photos app in iOS 16 can identify the duplicate photos in the user’s iPhone photo library and merge them together, conserving data and saving space.

for Iphone Users who take a few snapshots of the same photo, the Photos app in iOS 16 Duplicate photos can be identified and merged together, keeping data and saving storage space. althoug The camera systems on modern iPhones are impressiveThere are still plenty of reasons why a user might want to take multiple copies of the same snapshot. Motion blur, overexposure, and out-of-focus shots can all cause a great picture or a blurry or blurry landscape. Taking multiple copies of the same snapshot may be the solution to these issues.

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Prior to iOS 16, the only solution to clearing duplicate versions of the same photo was to manually scroll through the photo library and select the photos to delete. This is time consuming, and in practice, most users will not do their best to delete duplicate photos. After a user takes a lot of photos, they may approach or exceed the available storage space on their iPhone, forcing them to perform deletions. Moreover, as people continue to store photos and videos in the cloud, duplicate photos may push users to Spend more money on additional cloud storage. Fortunately, iOS 16 feature can make sorting through duplicate photos easier.

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iOS 16 adds ‘redundantto the user’s photo library in the iPhone Photos app. The album will only appear if there is a duplicate photos or videos detected by the program, Although it is more useful in identifying duplicate images. To find the duplicate album, open the Photos app and tap on “albumstab at the bottom of the screen. Then, scroll down to “Serviceswhich will includeredundantalbum. Within the album, each set of duplicates will be separated by a title showing the date the photos were taken. next to history,to mergeButton “used to combine images together.

How iOS 16 Merge Duplicate Photos

Merge photos on iOS 16.

After reviewing the duplicate selections made by the iPhone, users will need to decide whether to keep or combine the duplicates and their photo library. The iPhone classifies photos as duplicate when they are considered identical, even though the photos may have different metadata, resolutions, file formats, or other slight differences. When you merge the duplicates, all the important data from the different versions will be added to the high-quality image. Low quality versions will be moved toRecently Deletedwhere they will stay for 30 days before it is permanently deleted.

To merge several duplicates at once, click the button “Chooselocated in the upper right corner of the screen. Then,to mergebutton will becomeChooseNext to each duplicate image, users can click this button to select the desired duplicates. After selecting all the duplicates, click the button “to mergeat the bottom of the screen, which will show the number of current selections. Click ‘Merge exact copies onlyTo finish the process, put the best copy in its original place In the user photo library and transfer other copies toRecently Deletedalbum. iOS 16 allows users to quickly and simply free up their storage space Iphone By merging duplicate images, all while preserving the main metadata of the images.

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