How to delete all photos from your iPhone

How to delete all photos from your iPhone

Apple makes it very easy to delete a photo from iPhone, but removing them all at once can be a bit tricky. There are also some complications to watch out for, such as accidentally deleting photos from iCloud. Knowledge is power and with a few tips, you will be able to delete only what you want from your iPhone and have it take effect instantly.

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Deleting a single photo is easy

To delete a single photo, simply find the photo in your iPhone photo library, then press and hold the thumbnail to bring up a list of options. From the picture options menu, choose delete To mark that photo for deletion. It will disappear from view but will not be deleted for 30 days, giving you a chance to change your mind.

Choose Delete to remove an image from view.

If you have a picture in full screen mode, it will be easier. Just tap the trash can button in the bottom right corner of the screen. With any deletion, the iPhone will ask you to confirm the removal.

Hit the trash button to delete the iPhone photo.

How to delete multiple photos and videos

Deleting one photo at a time becomes cumbersome in a hurry. Fortunately, Apple has introduced a way to remove multiple photos and videos from iPhone at once. First, you need to select each image. There are two ways to choose what to delete, tap and swipe, both start with a tap on Choose which appears at the top right of the photo library. To delete photos or videos when they overlap with the media you want to keep, tap to select those you no longer need, then hit the trash can button at the bottom right.

Tap on each photo to select and delete it.

If you want to delete a series of photos, it’s quicker to tap on the select button, then scroll through the photos to select them. Then choose Trash to mark it for deletion.

Select multiple consecutive photos by hovering over them.

How to select and delete all photos and videos

A more difficult process is to select and delete all photos and videos from your iPhone. Selecting every photo in a large photo library would be painfully slow if you clicked on each photo. Even with the scroll method, it takes several seconds. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut that allows you to select all the photos.

Here’s the best way to do that. Tapping the top of your iPhone screen will instantly scroll to the top of your photo library. Then choose the Select button at the top right. Starting at the top left thumbnail, tap and swipe down diagonally to the right, keeping your finger on the screen close to the bottom edge without sliding off the screen and onto the frame. The iPhone keeps scrolling down as long as you keep your finger on the screen until more and more photos are selected.

Eventually, you’ll hit the bottom, causing auto scrolling to stop. A library of a thousand images takes several seconds and a really huge library can require minutes of scrolling. When everything is selected, you can delete all photos and videos on iPhone by tapping the trash button and confirming the deletion but they will not be removed immediately.

It may take several minutes to select thousands of photos for deletion.

How to permanently delete iPhone photos and videos

After you select the photos and delete them from the photo library, the iPhone will remove them from view but they will not be deleted immediately. In fact, the deleted media is kept for 30 days. This means that you have a chance to recover the photos even after choosing to remove them. Sometimes you need the space right away and it’s best to empty the trash and delete those photos and videos permanently.

Before taking this step, it is important to note that iCloud photos may be removed at the same time. If you are automatically syncing your iPhone photo library with iCloud, the deletions will be repeated in iCloud as well. It may be intentional but if you just want to free up space on your iPhone while saving this media elsewhere, you should backup the photos to another cloud service or computer drive before deleting them from iPhone.

Click on albums tab at the bottom of the Photos app, then scroll all the way down. Then choose File Recently Deleted album. You will see any media that has been marked for deletion. Click on Choose button, then file delete all The button at the bottom of the screen to instantly and permanently remove selected photos and videos from iPhone. This is the only way to free up space to take more photos.

Go to Recently Deleted album to remove photos.

If your iPhone is running iOS 16, you need to authenticate your identity with Face ID, Touch ID, or a PIN before entering Recently Deleted album.

iOS 16 requires authentication for the deleted folder.

How to select photos only

All of the above methods treat photos and videos the same way. If you really want to keep all your videos and only delete photos, this is also possible. Tap the magnifying glass button at the bottom right of the Photos app to open the search box. Type or swipe the word “Photos” and your iPhone will recognize this as a media type.

After clicking on the Photos option from the list below, the iPhone will display locations and people, allowing you to refine your search. If you want to select all the photos, just press seek on the keyboard, then press show all. From there, use a file Choose Button and click or drag the images. To choose everything, swipe up or down and hold your finger down to scroll until all is selected.

Images can be identified by starting a search.

Delete photos from other files and apps

You may have more photos that you can remove to free up space in the Files app. Open the app, then check On my iPhone For photos, videos, and files that can be deleted. You will likely see several folders, many of which were created by applications of the same name.

Photos can also be deleted from the Files app.

You may see Darkroom, Lightroom, Photoshop, Pixelmator, and more, depending on which apps you have installed. You can delete these files directly from the Files app; However, it may be best to open the associated app to make sure what you are removing. Each app has its own project or file browser, so the method for selecting and deleting can vary.


As with most things on the iPhone, Apple makes the most popular option extremely easy and intuitive. The more advanced operations or steps that could be dangerous, the more difficult it becomes to continue. While this is by design, it can be a little frustrating at times.

Deleting all photos from iPhone is a great example. On a dedicated camera, each photo can be erased by formatting the memory card for a fresh start. To get every possible space on iPhone, several steps are required and even after deletion, you still have to empty the trash.

Now that you know all the details, it should be easier to understand how photo deletions work on iPhone. Although there is no quick way to remove all photos from your iPhone, getting to know the process speeds things up and prevents accidents that can lead to losing precious memories forever.

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