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While I prefer Android in my personal life, I had the opportunity to work in the Apple ecosystem. One of the coolest features that I’m used to is AirDrop, which makes it easy to send content from mobile devices to desktop computers and vice versa. Fortunately, Android now has its equivalent.

After abandoning similar functionality (Android Beam), Google has taken strides to bridge the gap in interoperability between devices with neighboring devices sharing, which was released in mid 2020which allows file sharing between Android devices and Chromebooks.

brings Android 13 Helpful update to Nearby Sharing, which makes sharing content between devices even easier. The new ability allows you to copy something on your Android 13 device, be it an image, file, text or anything else, quickly share it with a nearby share, and paste it directly anywhere you want on your Android 6 or later receiver .

And since September, Google is rolling out another feature It accepts requests automatically On receivers that are signed in to the same Google account as the transmitter for a smoother experience.

Nearby sharing is not just for Android devices. It also works great on other devices, like Samsung Galaxy models, for example.

Step 1: Make sure that Nearby Sharing is turned on.

Nearby sharing may be turned off on your Android phone, but you can turn it on by going to Settings -> Google -> Devices and Sharing -> Nearby Sharing -> Use Nearby Sharing. You can also change your device name here if you want something more than a generic name”[Your Name]phone. “

If the Nearby Sharing panel has been added to your device’s Quick Settings, you can also long press on that to access the same Nearby Sharing settings to toggle the feature on. The Quick Settings box also gives you quick access to whether everyone, contacts, or no one can see your device using the Nearby Sharing feature.

Step 2: Copy or share the content on the sharing device

On Android 12 and earlier, when you want to share something, you’ll find the Share button and tap on it, then choose Share nearby from the sharing options. For example, when you select text on a web page, you can choose “Share” from the contextual menu that appears to bring up the sharing options.

This still works on Android 13, but you have another technique to use: the burn button. When you select something and hit copy, you’ll see a mini preview of it with a share button next to it. Tap that share button, and tap the Nearby button on the sheet that appears.

If you want to change the text before you share it, click on the preview and the system text editor will appear where you can edit things and hit Done to go back to the share button.

Android 13 copied text app is similar to how it works with screenshots on Android 6 and above. When you take a screenshot, its thumbnail appears with a share button next to it – tap that, then close.

Step 3: Choose the receiving device

After the nearby share menu opens, select the device where you want to paste the content. (If the device is not showing up, make sure that Nearby Sharing is enabled via the Quick Settings panel.)

Step 4: Accept the order on the receiving device

On the receiving device, press “Accept” to proceed with the transaction. After the content spreads, select Copy or Copy to Clipboard to complete the transfer.

If you have received the latest update, the receiving device should automatically accept the sharing request. For example, if you share a photo, the receiving device may be able to download it even when it’s locked, and then you can view it in the Downloads folder or open it in an app from the notification.

Step 5: Paste the text or images on the receiver

If you are sharing the copied content, open the app on the receiving device where you want to paste the content.

On your receiver, open the app where you want to paste the content. For text, long press in the text field and select Paste from the popup. You may need to open the keyboard clipboard to paste the images into a document or application. If your receiver is a Chromebook, just press Control-V together for text or images.

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Cover image and screenshots by Tommy Palladino / Gadget Hacks

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