How to clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone and Android

How to clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone and Android

All mobile and desktop apps collect cache in the background to improve load times and overall performance. WhatsApp is no exception as it collects cache files on Android and iPhone to quickly open popular chats. But when you mess up the cache, you face Problems with sending messagesand media and other normal functions in the application. You should clear the WhatsApp cache on your phone.

Apart from fixing WhatsApp glitches on iPhone and Android, clearing the cache also frees up the internal storage space on your phone. It is one of the effective ways to free up storage space on iPhone and Android phone without deleting apps. Before we show you how to clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone and Android, let’s talk about it.

Explain WhatsApp Cache

A cache is a collection of small files that WhatsApp stores on your phone to improve the performance of the app. Due to the cache, WhatsApp does not need to load everything from scratch on your phone. It can use offline cache files to quickly load messages and display images and thumbnail previews to save time and internet data.

Over time, WhatsApp accumulates quite a bit of cache on your phone. This can take up a lot of storage space on your phones, and it can become slow or crash frequently if the cache data is corrupt. It is always advisable to check and clear the cache of frequently used apps.

Clear WhatsApp Cache on Android

The Android OS (operating system) displays cache data from the app info menu in WhatsApp. While you can always look in the Settings app, the App info menu is the quickest and easiest way to save time for clearing the cache of a specific app. Follow the steps below to check and clear the WhatsApp cache on your Android phone.

Step 1: Find the WhatsApp app icon on your Android device and long press on it.

Step 2: Press the “i” button to open the application information menu.

Step 3: Select “Storage and Data”.

The fourth step: Check how much cache is collected in WhatsApp and clear it.

Professional WhatsApp users can easily free up hundreds of megabytes of storage space by clearing the cache.

You can access the same list of WhatsApp information from Android settings as well. The trick below allows you to check all installed app data from one list.

Step 1: Swipe up from the home screen of your Android phone.

Step 2: Find the Settings app with a familiar gear icon.

Step 3: Select Applications and click on “All Applications” from the following list.

The fourth step: Find a list of installed applications. Go to WhatsApp.

Fifth step: It will open the familiar app info menu. Clear the cache from the Storage & Data menu.

If you are running low on device storage, do the same for the most used apps on Android.

Clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone

iOS does not allow you to delete an individual app’s cache. That is why you will need to delete WhatsApp documents and data from the settings menu. The iPhone Storage menu in Settings allows you to check the total WhatsApp data space on your phone. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to general.

Step 3: Open iPhone Storage.

The fourth step: You can take a look at the detailed storage details on your iPhone. Find WhatsApp from the list. You can check WhatsApp which takes about 10GB of data on our iPhone. Click on it.

Fifth step: iOS offers two options for dealing with cache.

Discharge application: The option will free up the storage space used by WhatsApp. Although it will keep documents and data. Reinstalling WhatsApp from the App Store will restore your data.

Delete the application: It will delete WhatsApp and all related data from your iPhone.

Before using the Delete App option, make sure you have backed up your WhatsApp data to iCloud or your desktop (via iTunes). If you are having issues restoring your WhatsApp backup on your iPhone, read on Dedicated troubleshooting function.

Sixth step: Select Delete App and confirm your decision.

Seventh step: Reinstall WhatsApp from the App Store and restore WhatsApp backup on your iPhone.

See our troubleshooting guide to fix problems and glitches restoring WhatsApp backup.

What Happens When You Clear WhatsApp Cache

When you clear the WhatsApp cache, the system does not delete your personal chat data. It only removes temporary files stored on your phone’s RAM and storage. Your existing data, such as messages, photos, videos, group chats, call history, and audio clips remains the same on Android. After clearing the WhatsApp cache, you will notice a higher startup time because the app loads everything from scratch.

Deal with WhatsApp Cache on the phone

Deleting WhatsApp cache offers two advantages. You can free up ample internal storage on your phone and deal with WhatsApp misbehavior on your phone as well. iPhone users should take a WhatsApp backup before removing the app data. Don’t proceed without taking a backup in the first place.

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