How to change your home address on iPhone

How to change your home address on iPhone

Have you moved recently? We know it can be difficult to keep all of your documents and services up to date, but Apple makes it easy to change your home address at Iphone. You’ll have to know where to find the option, though, and you’ll have to go through a few apps to change your address across all services. Let us show you how.

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You can change your home address on iPhone My Card by going to Contacts app and navigate to My Card > Edit and edit your current address or addresses. He hits did When you are ready you will be! However, there are some other services whose address you will have to change. Keep reading to learn about it.

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Editor’s note: We used iPhone 12 mini Running iOS 16.1.1 to craft these instructions. Keep in mind that some of the steps may differ depending on your iPhone model and the software it’s running on.

How to change your home address in the Contacts app

Presents Apple My Card, within the Contacts app. This will sync across your Apple devices and store most of your contact information, such as your name, phone numbers, birthday, addresses, and more. It’s a good idea to update it if you want to share your public contact information with others.

  1. open the Contacts Application.
  2. tap on my cardwhich also indicates your name in larger letters.
  3. tap on release.
  4. Go to your addresses section.
  5. You can edit any of your addresses here.
  6. You can also click on the red color button to delete an address. Then simply tap on the add address option and fill in the new address.
  7. He hits did When you are ready.

Change your Apple ID address

apple id It mostly needs your address to verify payments and ship products to the correct address when you buy something from the Apple Store. You can always edit this information during checkout, but it’s always best to have everything ready.

  1. Run a file settings Application.
  2. Click on a file apple id It is the option at the top with your name on it.
  3. Choose payment and shipping.
  4. Click on your card below payment methods.
  5. Select your current information under Billing access address.
  6. Edit the information below Billing access address.
  7. He hits did When you are ready.
  8. Refer to the payment and shipping.
  9. tap on Add shipping address or the address you want to modify.
  10. Edit the information and press did When you are ready.

How to change your home address in Apple Maps

Of course, we can’t forget about Apple Maps! We don’t want him to take you back to your old place when you ask to move “home”. The good news is that Apple Maps simply grabs the information from My Card in the Contacts app. This means that you will not have to do anything to change your home address on iPhone if you have already updated the address in Contacts. Use the instructions in the first section, if you haven’t already.

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How to change your home address on google maps

Now, Google Maps is another story, as it is not tied to your Apple ID. You will have to update this manually, if you are using Google Maps services.

  1. release Google Maps.
  2. Click on a file Avatar iconin the upper-right corner.
  3. He hits settings.
  4. Choose Home or work modification.
  5. go to the Named tab.
  6. Click on Three-dot menu icon next to residence.
  7. He hits home edit.
  8. Update the address.
  9. Click on the address. If the system cannot find it, you can also click Choose on the map to select it manually.

Update your Apple Pay address

As you see Apple PayYou certainly don’t want transactions declined due to address verification issues. You may also accidentally have products shipped to your old home. Get everything as soon as possible.

  1. Run a file settings Application.
  2. Go inside Wallet and Apple Pay.
  3. under payment cards, go to the card for which you want to change the billing address. You will have to repeat the process individually, if you want to change the address for multiple cards.
  4. Click on a file Billing access address.
  5. If you have already added it, you can switch to the correct one. Otherwise, press Enter the new billing address.
  6. Find and select the address.
  7. Refer to the Wallet and Apple Pay Section.
  8. go to the transaction assumptions section and press Shipping Address.
  9. He hits Enter the new shipping address If the right person does not appear.
  10. Find and select the address.

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You can certainly change your address on iPhone. You’ll have to do this in multiple places, though, depending on which Apple services you’re using.

Your address should always be up to date on the iPhone. This is because the phone will use it for several reasons. Apple Maps uses it for navigation, Apple Pay needs it to check purchases and ship to the correct address, your Apple ID will need it for similar reasons, and so on.

There are many services to consider. Make sure your address is at least updated on your My Contacts card, Apple ID, Apple Maps, and Apple Pay.

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