How Protective Are Spigen Smartphone Cases?  Everything you need to know about the most popular iPhone cases

How Protective Are Spigen Smartphone Cases? Everything you need to know about the most popular iPhone cases

Is Spigen owned by Apple?

short answer? No, Spigen is not owned by Apple. But let’s get to know more about the company. First of all, Spigen comes from the two German words, “spiegel” and “gen,” meaning mirror and gen. Taken together, they reflect the ideology behind the company’s values ​​in finding solutions that reflect the needs of its customers.

Spigen is a South Korean mobile phone accessory manufacturer headquartered in the United States that produces cases, screen protectors, and other accessories for popular smartphone models.

“Spigen has earned recognition from producers in the industry and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile accessories. With a solid reputation and a long-standing commitment to customers, Spigen continues to grow.”

How Protective Are Spigen Smartphone Cases?

With more than 550 prototypes delivering the best ever, Spigen is currently protecting millions of smartphones globally. Their product philosophy is based on good design, being simple and smart with the goal of putting together as many as possible without compromising the original silhouette of each device.

Spigen’s smartphone cases allow you to fully enjoy your phone’s design, while keeping it as slim as the original, and giving access to everything, from Face ID to one-handed photography, so it stays the same phone you fell in love with. . Therefore, their products are designed to handle your everyday life like a tank, while their slim design certainly contains three distinct technologies – the dual-layer frame, Air Cushion technology, and now, ultra-light but absorbent foam. Your phone’s camera is also fully protected, with an intentionally raised design to minimize access to all cameras.

Does MagSafe work with Spigen smartphone cases?

Yes, MagSafe works through Spigen cases. Spigen has the MagFit range that rethinks MagSafe technology and brings it to any device so users can fully enjoy the experience no matter the condition. Their MagFit set fits a wide range of devices in perfect harmony and you click them.

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Which Spigen case is more difficult?

Most users swear by the Rugged Armor Spigen smartphone case, which is one of the most popular and obviously one of the smartest.
While this case isn’t exactly the most flattering in terms of design aesthetics, Rugged Armor won’t disappoint when it comes to protecting your smartphone. This design integrates the perfect harmony of light design and reliable protection, using air cushion technology and a spider web pattern to keep the phone from damage. bring it here.

Spigen Rugged Armor (MagFit) MagSafe compatible designed for iPhone 14 Pro case

Spigen glass phone protector

This accessory is uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in protection and damage resistance. Spigen Glass Phone Protector will definitely be Protect your screen with little more than simple plastic covers, and they include an innovative, auto-aligning mounting kit for easy application.

Don’t worry, these glass protectors are also crystal clear, so they maintain your screen’s original brightness.

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What is Spigen Air Cushion Technology?

Spigen’s Air Cushion technology acts like a bubble wrap for your phone.
While reducing the thickness of the case, this unique technology provides optimum protection for your phone. Basically, Air Cushion technology effectively uses pockets of air to absorb all kinds of shocks your phone might encounter during the day.

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