Microsoft to update Windows 11 with new features and Android 13 (Image via Windows Latest)

How Android 13 on Windows 11 can bridge the gap left by native desktop apps

Windows 11 It includes a number of completely new features, including an improved start menu, more snap layout customization, and increased interaction of apps and services with Microsoft. The Windows subsystem for Android, which enables your computer to run Android apps, is one of the greatest upgrades. The subsystem was first launched as a preview.

However, it has since rolled back this restriction with a major Windows 11 2022 upgrade. Microsoft He doesn’t just sit around and take things easy either. With the move to the latest Android 13 operating system, it already has plans to improve the subsystem.

When Microsoft revealed native support for Android apps in Windows 11 last year, it had a huge impact. This new functionality is made available by the release of the Windows for Android Subsystem (WSA) and the partnership with Amazon for Amazon App Store. Users have been eagerly awaiting Android app support for Windows.

How important is the alliance between Microsoft and Android on Windows 11?

The Android-on-Windows functionality (still in preview) does not use the Google version of Android and does not provide access to the wide range of apps available in the Google Play Store. Thus, there is a valid explanation for the limited availability. Windows 11 uses the open source Android project and relies on Amazon for the App Store.

The Amazon Appstore has more than 1,000 apps, but the vast majority of them are games. The only two notable apps are, of course, both from Amazon: the Audible app for listening to audiobooks, and the Kindle app for reading books purchased through Amazon. You can use your expensive laptop as if it were an Amazon Fire tablet by running any of the software on a tablet like the Surface Pro X or Surface Pro 8 with Windows 11which is not exactly an attractive proposition for potential customers.

The majority of Android users’ favorite apps are not available in the Amazon Appstore. You won’t be able to discover any home automation tools to manage lights, thermostats, and other smart home features used on a daily basis. There are very few news-related apps, no music services (not even Amazon Music), and no financial tools.

track upgrade

Microsoft also wants to add file transfer capabilities, making data transfer across Windows and Android system components easier, as well as upgrading WSA to Android 13 on Windows 11. To reduce Windows subsystem partitioning for Android, Microsoft will also offer virtual local network access.

Shortcuts, a feature of Android that allows apps to bind to specific functions, is another upcoming improvement. For example, the messenger might offer a shortcut to the average user, saving you from having to manually navigate the chat each time. Picture-in-picture mode is another feature that will be available soon. As a result, Windows users running Android media apps will be able to draw on top of the Windows user interface.

Features locked in the sights of Microsoft as per the roadmap goals set by them (Image via Github @ microsoft / WSA)

last thoughts

The Windows subsystem for Android was not intended for use on computers with a keyboard and mouse, but rather on tablets with touch capabilities. One example of this design that works well is the Kindle app on a file Surface Tablet with detachable keyboard. In such a scenario, it is possible to use a single device for reading, entertainment and running productivity software.

However, at this early stage of Android on Windows, this is pretty much the only success story. Amazon’s Appstore has a pathetic variety, and it’s hard to believe that any Android developer from the first list would be persuaded to upload their products there to make it compatible with the lower percentage of Windows devices.

If Windows is available on smaller Tablets-This scenario would have more legs. But with Windows 8 failing, Microsoft nicely put an end to this model size.

Thus, the Windows subsystem for Android over Windows 11 is basically just a proof of concept at the moment. It’s hard to find anything here that makes the case stronger than the fact that Microsoft hasn’t been able to convince developers to create native apps for Windows tablets.

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