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Hope to get android help about the farm – Red Bluff Daily News

I’m writing at the dining room table instead of at my desk, because we have scheduled power outages, and I can’t see the keys in the dark. So, I brought my laptop downstairs where there is plenty of daylight.

We got a letter a couple of weeks ago about the outage scheduled for Thursday – from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM apparently they are replacing a column. I pulled my truck out of the garage to avoid having to manually operate the door, and made sure my coffee was made before 8:30. Then there was no interruption. I received another message warning me about it today. But I must have forgotten to set an alert on my phone. So I only had one cup of coffee left in the microwave before the power ran out. But I had a big bowl of cereal with raisins and the last of the blueberries, so I wouldn’t starve. I’m well prepared for “blackouts”, but who wants to pull the generator out for a few hours? I have about an hour and a half of juice on my laptop so I’m probably fine.

My wife said to me last night, “Who’s going to take me when I get old?” “What do you mean? You are young (48 years old). By then, you will have Alexa order a self-driving car.” “But what if I can’t get out to the car?” “Then your robot will pick you up, dear – it doesn’t matter.”

I really think this is going to be our future. Self-driving electric taxis are being developed, as well as those that are self-driving on the road. And I’m sure robots will be fully functional, affordable, and you’ll find them in many homes in 30 years. I actually stopped eating and mowing weed, and saved it all for the robot (just kidding with CalFire). But I seriously hope to get some help from android about the farm before too long. With labor at $60 an hour, and being lazier as I get older, I could definitely use one.

You know how Home Depot rents out tools, equipment, and even a truck and trailer to bring it all home? Maybe they’ll get a bunch of robots programmed to do all sorts of things, like electrical work, plumbing, carpentry — you name it. You will find the projects listed on their website. You enter dimensions and details, give you a price, and you enter the order. Then the robot pulls out all the materials, loads them into a truck and drives them to your place to start.

I really think this will happen. After all, if robots can perform surgery and build a car, they must be able to handle a ship’s deck. The driving part is pretty much here already. I could even order a robot with a weeding arm and thousands of feet off the trimming line, and it would never run out of power. I just highlight the areas I want him to do on my property map online, and he leaves.

Have you seen prices for living accommodations and full-time care? It should be cheaper to rent a robot. All of these places will be out of business. No one will have to move again. Sure, we still have someone to go say “hello” and see how we do. But only to preserve the human element, as it will not be necessary.

All vital scores and tests will be submitted online. Tele-Doc Consulting. Medically programmed robots to draw blood or administer full resuscitation procedures while an ambulance is called. They are all coming. I just need to live long enough to do that to me of any benefit.

Corky Pickering and his wife moved from Bay Area to Cottonwood in 2014. He recently retired from the federal government as a law enforcement counsel. He has been a rock ‘n’ roll player and bassist for Marine JAG. He can be reached at

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