Hive Social trends as Twitter alternative: Users report app crashing & other issues; Android app or Web version awaited

Hive Social Trends as an alternative to Twitter: Users are reporting app crashes

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The original story (posted November 21, 2022) is as follows:

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has been turbulent, to say the least. His pursuit of the widely popular social media platform began in January, the same month he began buying shares of Twitter.

However, after purchasing the platform, things seem to have gotten out of control as they used to be Mass layoffsAnd the Subscribe to Twitter Blue And all new Twitter 2.0 mayhem.

For some, Twitter has been a bit of a mess lately which is why others are looking for it Possible alternatives. And it seems that after Mastodon, the shift is now towards Hive Social.

What is HiveSocial?

You must be wondering what Hive Social is. Well, it is a new social media platform that is similar to Instagram in some ways but comes with a timeline.

Some of the features include profile music, profile banners, photo/GIF/text posts, and much more.

Currently, Hive Social is trending on Twitter as users migrate to the platform and are impressed by its first look (1And the2And the3And the4And the5And the6And the7And the8).


Getting used to the Hive Social app reminds me of what it was like when I first started using social media. I’m just squeezing hoping I’m doing it right

Some feel it’s just Twitter but without Elon Musk’s influence (1And the2And the3And the4).

It’s a new app that tries to be Twitter but without Elon lol. It’s nice so far. cell

Gen-Z does not want to be monitored and manipulated by algorithms that seem to be getting more aggressive by the day. Therefore, they are regularly looking for the most natural platforms.

However, there are some concerns about Hive Social that are being reported that readers should know about before trying their hands on the platform.

Social Issues Cell

The recently launched Hive Social Android app is facing serious crashing issues. This makes it impossible for users to set usernames, add profile pictures, and generally use the platform (1And the2And the3And the4And the5And the6And the7And the8And the9).

The breakdown of the social cell

The app often crashes with varied usage patterns. Some have reported that it crashes when loading their avatar, while others experience it when scrolling through posts.

Earlier, some assumed that Hive Social is down because their servers are unable to handle the influx in traffic.

But the prevalence of this problem over the past 4-5 days indicates that there might be something wrong with the Android app.

I suppose everyone saying positive things about Hive Social has an iPhone, because I try it on my Android phone and the damn thing keeps crashing! I thought it was only when I was trying to set up my profile that it would allow me to post, but no!

First impressions are good. Some of the big Android stuff are some jitter when scrolling, the app freezes and then crashes when refreshing the feed, and the dark mode seems to reset when the app is closed. Keen to see how it grows from here!

Other users have reported that they cannot use their existing photos from their phone gallery to set as avatars or banners (1And the2And the3And the4And the5).

@TheHIVE_Social Hi, I just created an account and can’t use the photos on my phone to set as an avatar or banner. Is your Android cell having issues?

The Android app is currently in beta which explains why not everyone has access to it. But so far, some people who can’t don’t quite like the app (1And the2And the3And the4And the5).

Hive Social users demand a web or desktop version (1And the2And the3And the4And the5) of the platform to match the competition.

Possible improvements received

Hive Social tweeted today that the platform will soon receive several improvements that will enhance the user experience:

cell support

Possible solutions

Fortunately, we’ve found potential solutions to the issue where some Hive Social users are unable to load photos from the gallery.

The first involves giving permission to the app to access your photos and videos:

1. Uninstall the app, reinstall it but don’t sign in
2. Go to setting on your phone
3. Applications, then Hive Social
4. Grant Permission to “Photos and Videos”
5. Now open the app and login

Another one includes the following:

The workaround is to upload the glyph to the cells

We’ll keep tabs on the issue and update this article when we come across anything noteworthy.

First update (November 22, 2022)

12:10 PM (Indian Time): Hive support is now actively responding to user complaints of persistent bugs and has also announced some new features that will be coming soon to the platform.

Bug fixes:

1. They have has been confirmed There is a fix soon to make gallery loading easier.

2. Also, there is an issue where NSFW posts retain NSFW state on reposts restored.

3. The team a job To solve problems with hashtags.

4. For those who cannot log into the app or enter the password while logging in, Hive support Says You can try to sign in with your Google or Apple accounts because the email verification quota is currently limited. However, they are working on increasing it.

New features:

1. It has cell support has been confirmed They will soon add the multiple accounts feature to the platform.

2. Also, a Web version Hive soon.

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