Here's how to use AirPods with your Android phone

Here’s how to use AirPods with your Android phone

If you are trying to learn how to use Apple AirPods with your Android phone, you have come to the right place. Notably, the Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max are not iOS-exclusive earphones.

In other words, you can get your hands on these wireless earbuds without letting go of your Android device. However, you will have to make some compromises when using AirPods with a non-Apple device.

AirPods and AirPods Pro both support Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can pair these earbuds with any Bluetooth device including Android phones.

On the downside, you don’t get access to advanced features like transparency mode and ANC. Also, you cannot check the battery level of the earbuds. According to Apple Official Websiteyou can’t use Siri either.

However, you will be able to hear and speak if you pair your AirPods with your Android device. Let’s look at which AirPods models are compatible with Android.

  • AirPods 1
  • AirPods 2
  • AirPods 3
  • AirPods Pro
  • AirPods Pro (2nd generation)
  • AirPods Max

To summarize, Apple a statement AirPods Pro 2 at the recently concluded Far Out event.

How to connect AirPods to Android phone

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android device.
  • Turn on Bluetooth to make your device discoverable.
  • Press the white button on the back of the AirPods or AirPods Pro charging case.

How to connect AirPods to Android phone

  • If you are using AirPods Max, simply remove them from their carrying case.
  • Your AirPods will appear as one of the available devices in your Android phone’s Bluetooth list.
  • Tap on your AirPods name, then tap Pair when prompted.

This is it. You’ve now paired your AirPods with your Android phone. In particular , apple The AAC codec is used to stream audio over Bluetooth to the earphones.

Android smartphones also support AAC. However, there is a slight difference in sound quality depending on how your device manufacturer implements the codec.

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Also, you can’t stream 24-bit audio to your Apple earbuds even if you’ve paired them with an iPhone.

How to use AirPods with your Android phone

You can use the force sensor on your AirPods (3rd generation) or AirPods Pro to switch between ANC and Transparency modes and control music playback. You can also play or pause the music by pressing the sensor.

Similarly, you can go to the next song by double tapping on the sensor. Similarly, you can triple press the force sensor to play the previous song.

You can long press the force sensor if you want to switch between ANC and Transparency modes. However, you cannot customize these AirPods settings using your Android device.

AirPods Pro 2

So, you cannot check if you have successfully enabled noise cancellation with your Android phone. Also, you cannot control the volume with AirPods.

As a result, you will have to control the volume using your Android phone. However, you can do it on iPhone by calling up Siri.

Moreover, features such as automatic device switching and spatial audio are not available on Android. To get these features, you must pair your AirPods with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Other major features that you can’t access on your Android phone include Find My integration. Finally, you cannot reverse charge the earbuds with your Android phone because they use different charging standards.

How to check your AirPods battery level using your Android phone

You can check the battery level of your iPhone earbuds either by asking Siri or through the Battery Widget. However, a third party application called CAPod can solve this problem.

Check your AirPods battery level from your Android phone

The app can show the battery level of each earbud with the charging case. Moreover, it shows the strength of the connection. You can manually enable the auto connect option by going to the app settings of your Android phone.

So, you can use AirPods with your Android phone but the user experience will be a bit frustrating. You may want to buy Redmi buds 3which is a more expensive version of the AirPods.

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