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HarmonyOS 3 navigation bar is wider and better than Android 13

Huawei It has always nurtured its users with amazingly good connectivity features. One is HarmonyOS 3.0 Super Device, and the other is EMUI 12 Device +. Today we’ll discuss how these features differ from each other, and which ones serve you best.

Interconnection is a demanding service, every user needs a smooth, secure and reliable connection between them Hardware. As we move forward with technologies, connectivity is starting to decrease.

Interaction problems between devices have become a common but significant problem. But thanks to Huawei, it has taken care of both the Chinese as well worldwide users in this aspect. The company has secured its devices with Super Device and Device + features and has been able to offer efficient interconnection services.

Let’s start our exploration with Super Device and Device +

HarmonyOS 3.0 Super

Super Device was launched with HarmonyOS 2.0, a prominent feature that effectively powers all HarmonyOS tools. Allows you to connect and play other smart devices only using smart phone. For example, with a single click, users can control and manage smart homes, smart vehicles and other eligible gadgets.

latest HarmonyOS versionHuawei has improved this feature to a greater extent. Thus, different devices can be flexibly combined, connected, and coordinated with different Huawei IDs. This gives you instant results in smooth and efficient interactions between your devices.

As mentioned, Huawei introduced this feature with HarmonyOS 2.0. At the time, global users were also expecting to get a taste of this feature on their devices. However, the company soon clarified that HarmonyOS’s phone-oriented features will remain exclusive to China.

Although users have a chance to enjoy the eye-catching elements of HarmonyOS on other devices. Such as tablets, smart watches, speakers, smart screens, and more. However, the features of the phone are still pending.

EMUI 12 +

Huawei unveils benefits for global users through effective interconnection EMUI 12 With device feature +. Just like Super Device, the respective feature allows you to collaborate with multiple devices.

It makes your tablet or smartphone a hub for nearby Huawei gadgets. As a result, you can easily manage each phone with one device. Although Huawei has tried to provide all its users with equal benefits, here are some differences that will increase your desire for HarmonyOS 3.0.

Differences between Super Device and Device +

HarmonyOS 3.0 Super

1. Multi-device task center

Although both features offer some great services to consumers. However, only Super Device features can run so many tasks between your different devices. In Super Device settings, users can enable the multi-device task center which allows to switch tasks between devices registered to the same Huawei ID.

2. Map of nearby devices

Yes, you will find a map of nearby devices when Super Device is enabled unlike Device +. Allows you to connect to supported devices on the map by simply dragging and dropping gesture.

HarmonyOS 3.0 Super

Apart from these features, the rest of the things are the same. To summarize, we can say that both Super Device and Device + play an important role in providing an immersive user expertise. However, I think Huawei has paid a little more attention to HarmonyOS 3.0 with some additional features from EMUI 12.

Meanwhile, EMUI still has an equal portion of Android inside rather than being a HarmonyOS-based program.

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