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Microsoft’s Windows Phone phase may be a distant memory yet, but don’t give up: You can anyway get an extraordinary Microsoft experience on your cell phone. You simply need to shift the focus to an impossible fellow.

With Windows Phone so good and stunned, Microsoft is committing to an ever-expanding scale of power to make its small stage within Google’s Android biological ecosystem. Moreover, given Android’s tremendous adaptability and customization capabilities, this paves the way for quite a few convincingly conceivable outcomes.

With the right arrangement of apps, you can create a Windows-driven climate on any Android gadget – including the ones you love for the phone-PC compatibility you need.

Here are the tools and fixes you need to get it all.

1. Make your Android home screen focused on Microsoft

The center of your Android arrangement is your home screen — and the app that will turn that area of ​​your interaction point into the center of your Microsoft-Android experience is the aptly named Microsoft Launcher.

By all accounts, Microsoft Launcher has similar kinds of highlights that you’ll track in other Android launchers – regular devices to tweak the look of your home screen, make paths easy to move around, etc. Supported by Bing as a matter of course, the coordinated acceptance of various Microsoft departments, and the remarkable position of Microsoft’s proposed applications.

And then, there’s the most segregated component of all: To one side of the main home page is the dashboard Microsoft’s interpretation of the standard Google Find channel — a card-based collection of things like news, weather, and plan data, looking at notes, assignments, and overdue reports from appropriate Microsoft departments.

Microsoft’s Android launcher, GR Raphael / IDG
Microsoft Launcher summary and home screen panel.
We’ll get into more potential phone-PC outcomes in a moment, on the whole, another home screen option for anyone feeling missing out on the perfect Windows Phone look: Attempt Square Home. The launcher – which is not created by Microsoft – copies the tile-based “Metro UI” from the Windows Phone stage. You’ll lose close coordination with Microsoft departments that give the Microsoft Launcher authority, but if your phone’s point of interaction is your number one concern, you might be content with the trade-off (regardless of whether it’s a rare piece of weekend sadness).

Microsoft Android Square Home GR Rafael / IDG
Sample Windows Phone on Android using Square Home launcher.

2. Plan your Windows-Android link

Ok – so your home screen is good to go along with generous help from Microsoft. For now, we must connect your entire PC to your phone to get the full Microsoft-Android experience.

The main thing that you think you should do is download and present the Microsoft Connect to Windows (formerly Your Phone Buddy) app on your Android phone. Open it up and follow the means it takes to put a connection between your phone and your Windows PC. It will ensure you agree to a similar Microsoft account in both places, and then guide you to find and connect the comparable app for Windows to move whatever’s settled on the PC side of things.

When you do all that and agree to a modest set of relevant consents, you’ll have the option of handling a whole host of things from your phone right on your Windows PC – including:

Send and receive instant messages
Settlement and decision making
See running photos
Change the volume and ring settings of your phone
See your phone’s battery and pairing status
Turn your phone’s bluetooth on or off
Microsoft android connects to windows
JR Rafael / IDG
The Microsoft Connect to Windows framework allows you to connect to your Android phone directly from your Windows PC. (Click the image to enlarge it.)
In an annoyingly restricted subset of Android phones, including the Microsoft Surface Pair and a modest group of late Samsung World customers, you can also remotely transfer documents between your phone and PC, and surprisingly open apps from your phone on your PC.

Why are these sophisticated choices limited to a small selection of items, you might consider? For unknown reasons – that’s why. Most likely, it’s just an issue with Microsoft bringing in extra money by keeping these items available only for its standalone phones and those that are important to understanding between them and Samsung.

Maybe one day that will change – but for the time being, anyway, it will be what it will be. Moreover, we have to thank Microsoft for this handicap.

3. Set up Windows-Android Clipboard Match

It’s confusingly covered and separate from the Connection to Windows app, however, Microsoft has a supportive way for you to link your Android phone’s clipboard to your PC and make transferring the message between the two windows particularly easy.

The highlight is the SwiftKey console, which Microsoft bought back in 2016 and has been gradually making its mark from that moment on. When you introduce SwiftKey on your phone and go through its basic arranging process, you’ll need to reveal and turn on the Set Clipboard option:

Tap the three-dot menu icon located in the upper right corner of the console.
Click “Settings,” then “Rich Information,” then “Clipboard.”
Flip the switch near “Sync clipboard history” to the On position.
Then, on your Windows PC:

Open the Windows Settings app.
Click on “Framework” and then on “Clipboard”.
Make sure the switches near both Clipboard History and Sync Across Tools are on.
Just note that you will be credited with a similar Microsoft account in both SwiftKey and Windows. No matter how long it takes, you should see anything you repeat on one device appear normally and accessible to stick in the other tool’s console for 1 hour – after which it’s in the framework’s clipboard history area, if accessible, prior to that point.

4. Embrace the power of Microsoft’s Android software

To get a Microsoft-like architecture for Android-based web browsing, you’ll need to grab the authority of the Android Microsoft Edge app.

Edge Android software makes it easy to transfer content between your phone and PC. Moreover, after that, it naturally syncs your pool of experiences, top picks, and formations – a basic framework for saving articles for later viewing – so you can constantly switch between different tools as you work.

Microsoft Android Edge GR Rafael / IDJ
Microsoft Edge provides a comfortable, web-friendly environment with consistent matching between your phone and PC.

5. Set up access to your Microsoft storage on Android

Microsoft’s OneDrive is built right into the Windows operating system — and with two or three quick clicks, you also tend to integrate it into your Android gadget. Get the OneDrive app and enjoy simple, generally identical acceptance for your records, no matter where you might meander.

6. Introducing the Workplace / Microsoft 365 package for Android

Microsoft Office apps (currently renamed Microsoft 365 apps) on Android have made some amazing progress. Nowadays, Android skins of Word, Succeed, and PowerPoint are highlighted, clean, and cool to use — which can be accessed as single downloads or as an all-in-one Office (Microsoft 365) application package. Moreover, if you now live in the Microsoft world, it will give you reliable participation in programming based on your work area and allow you to work on your records from any tool without the need for any transformations or changes.

(Note that you will need a working Microsoft 365 membership to use all the premium features of the apps – and engage them by any means of change on any huge screen cell phones.)

Remember that both Standpoint and OneNote are accessible on Android. If you use either software in your Windows work area, you will most likely appreciate having it on your Android phone as well.

7. Turn your Android phone into a Windows Verification Key

Make your life a little simpler and let your phone act as a pathway to your Windows PC with the Microsoft Authenticator app. Authentication can act as a generator of standard two-factor verification codes, however, it can also allow you to try not to enter your Microsoft password completely and on second thought, you can consent to entry into your computer basically by unlocking your phone and endorsing a warning.

8. Consider some other miscellaneous elements of Microsoft-Android

The above applications and technologies are the main pieces of the Microsoft-Android puzzle, however Microsoft has a small selection of other important contributions that might likewise be worth your time and energy:

If you expect to filter physical records or whiteboards frequently, Microsoft Focal Point is capable of that. It will edit and arrange such previews and save them as PDFs, Word documents, or PowerPoint records – in OneNote, OneDrive, or even in your gadget live storage.
Android Print Hotspot Filter Microsoft R Raphael / IDJ
Microsoft Focal Point does the trick involved in capturing physical archives and saving them to your Microsoft storage.
It’s not the most perfect all-in-one to-do app on Android, however, and Microsoft To-Do has the interesting benefit of matching with the rest of Microsoft’s biological ecosystem — including the equivalent named app on Windows.
Need to explain dialects without resting on Google? Microsoft Interpreter hangs on and stands ready to say good morning.
To wrap things up, if you’re really betting on everything with Microsoft, Microsoft Bing will ensure that Microsoft’s complete search ranking in every instance is just a click away. It is the closest similar app you will find for yourself with the name Google App that is offered on most Android devices out of the box.

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