Google Pixel Watch review

Google was supposed to release a larger Pixel Watch

when it comes to something subjective or objectively Better than a similar device, we strive to focus on an objective approach, especially when it comes to our reviews. Just because I think the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best smartphone ever made, doesn’t mean it’s everyone else’s best Android phone.

This same mindset applies to everything I get my hands on, from tablets, accessories, and today’s topic, smartwatches. in Google Pixel Watch review (Opens in a new tab)!, stated that while they are expensive and dependent on the bands on the record, they are still worth the high price. Something I haven’t touched on much is the actual size of the thing, as that’s a personal opinion that doesn’t really detract from the overall package Google has to offer.

Size mostly doesn’t matter

Google Pixel Watch and Apple Watch Ultra side-by-side comparison on the wrist

(Image credit: Andrew Myrick/Android Central)

Take one look at any of the The best smart watches or Fitness trackers Which I reviewed here, and you’ll quickly notice that I don’t have the smallest of wrists. Wearables that are lightweight and make me forget they’re not really my style. And as much as I absolutely adore the Pixel Watch, it, unfortunately, falls into that category.

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