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Google TV and Android TV OS to make more developer tools

Google TV is a smart TV created by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech as part of a joint venture. In October 2010, the TV was originally built using Sony and Logitech hardware. Later, Google combined the Android operating system with the Chrome browser experience to produce an interactive TV experience that featured the best of the internet. In June 2014, Android TV replaced Google TV as a modern platform with a direct link to the Android operating system that integrates charts and supports casting from Android mobile devices.

what is the news?

Developed in June 2014 as a full-fledged Android TV, Google TV is an adaptation of the Android operating system for set-top-box devices and Built-in software on smart TVs. The home screen has a row-based layout that scrolls vertically and includes an option to explore more content with suggestions. There are rows of content available through installed applications.

In the current era there is no dearth of content in the entertainment industry. Research indicates that in the United States, one in three households currently watches more than 25 hours of television each week. According to Google, their primary goal is to provide a personalized and personalized TV experience, where users will be able to access content quickly and in a way that the role of TV continues to evolve.

What is the future of Google TV and Android TV?

future of Android TV Which is exciting considering the fact that there are now over 110 million monthly active devices, which also includes millions of Google TVs. Currently, Android TV and Google TV are available worldwide with nearly 300 partners. Partners include 7 out of the 10 largest smart TV manufacturers, along with more than 170 pay TV operators.

Google is constantly developing new features that enhance a more engaging experience with Android TV. In addition to regular updates to the platform, new capabilities have been added such as improved integrations with Live Tab which allow users to better connect to the content of their choice.

With the introduction of WatchNext API, as part of the applications on the Smart TV platform, users can now discover more content suitable for their own taste. Introducing Android 13, which has advanced features that focus on overall performance and quality, improve accessibility, and enable multitasking.

Features we can’t miss!

Several new features have been announced that have been added to the Android TV operating system allowing a better user experience. Some features are already available and many more will be added soon in the future.

  • Firebase Test Lab: Every week on behalf of the developers, the Firebase Test Lab performs millions of tests for various features. With the addition of Firebase to Android TV based on the response to the requirements of developers around the world. Although the hardware is manufactured, Firebase Labs virtual machines are able to run the app in the cloud for Android TV emulators, allowing developers to scale their testing on hundreds or thousands of virtual machines.
  • Android 12 beta 1: An important feature has been added to Android TV which is Android 12 Beta 1 update for TV on ADT-3. Many improvements and improvements planned with Android 12 will be available to the developer community in this version.
  • Cast contact: With the help of this app, users can now cast content from their phones tablets, or Chrome browsers on their Android TV. The additional feature that has been developed supports transferring materials to other devices, and playing music on many devices through a special feature called Stream Transfer and Expansion.
  • Emulator updates: Google recently released a new feature called Google TV Emulator, which works on Android 11. The purpose of this update/tool ​​is to help developers run their apps better on Google TV without the need for new hardware. An Android 11 image will also be available with the traditional Android TV experience. Inside the emulator, users can now use a remote control that is very similar to TV remotes.

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