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Google has just given up on my hope for a ‘Pixel Perfect’ ecosystem

Since the conclusion of Google I/O 2022, I’ve been publicly (and privately) banging the drum for Google to create an entirely new ecosystem of products. The wheels have been spinning since Google’s Tensor chip was introduced with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. But at I/O, things escalated further as Google showed off its upcoming flagship phones, its first in-house smartwatch, and even a tablet.

At the time, I said frankly that it was time for Google to announce the Tensor-powered Pixelbook 2, it was in May, and to my much disappointment, it looks like those plans won’t come to fruition, at least anytime in the near future. Just last week, a rumor appears to have confirmed that the Pixelbook 2 actually no longer exists. Those working on the project were transferred to other teams within Google, while the device itself was added to the “Killed by Google” cemetery.

Why was the Pixelbook 2 cancelled?

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According to an internal memo I got the edgeThe Pixelbook 2 project has simply been shut down “as part of recent cost-cutting measures”. Whether you believe it or not, the writing on the wall is kind of stagnant, and we’re already seeing several companies, including Google, poised for impact. This was proven by another report that was later confirmed by Google by Take Crunch (Opens in a new tab)indicating that half of the projects within Area 120 have been completely canceled.

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