Google has already shown us what will replace the iPhone and Android

Google has already shown us what will replace the iPhone and Android

When Google decided to acquire Android and enter the mobile industry, it did not do so to become a famous smartphone maker. More than a decade later, Google’s Pixel strategy feels like an afterthought. At least until the Pixel 6 series arrived. Google just wanted a platform where people would continue to use its Google search-based products once computers were left behind in favor of smartphones. Google may do the same for now, because it already knows which product will replace the iPhone and Pixel: AR glasses.

As I explained before, The only thing that can “kill” the iPhone Are the augmented reality (AR) glasses of the future. Apple makes its own product, and Google may develop its own augmented reality glasses.

But Google is more interested in ensuring that people can continue to use Google search products once smart glasses start to catch on. The company is already taking steps to ensure that its core software products are ready for the future of augmented reality.

On Thursday, Google announced new updates to three major products: Google Search, Shopping, and Maps. Interestingly, all of these products have got new features that include augmented reality experiences.

Google Maps has it The amazing Live View feature It allows you to raise your smartphone to search for nearby attractions using artificial intelligence algorithms and the camera. This experience will definitely see additional improvements in the near future, and will be ready to run on AR glasses regardless of the underlying platform.

Google Maps allows you to use Live View to search your neighborhood. Image source: Google

Supports Google search Multiple search near me feature It allows users to perform a search by taking a photo of a food product and typing “near me” next to it. This is another feature that will surely have its equivalent over augmented reality glasses. But instead of typing, you can use your voice while looking at food or other products. The glasses will do the rest with the help of Google algorithms.

It should be noted that Google Lens AR Translate capabilities will see a major upgrade later this year. You will be able to translate text on complex backgrounds. This is another feature that will work great with augmented reality glasses. That’s because Google will not cover the original text with a digital translation. It will recreate the background and overlay the translated text over it.

In other words, you will be able to travel anywhere, and all signs and texts around you will appear in your native language.

If that wasn’t enough, Google Shopping has new features that cater to augmented reality experiences. AR beauty It’s a photo library with 150 templates that cover a variety of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities, and skin types. This feature will allow you to test foundation shades to determine the most suitable.

Likewise, the new AR Shoes feature will allow you to “try on” shoes from different brands before you shop. You will be able to rotate and zoom in before making any purchase.

Many of these features are available now, or will be coming soon. It will be available on Android and iPhone as we look into updates to the core Google apps.

This proves that Google is indeed laying the foundation for the inevitable future of augmented reality glasses. With these software products already in place, Google wouldn’t even need to make its own AR wearables. Users will already know that Google products support AR features long before they decide which AR platform to adopt.

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