Google gives apples a dose of special medicine with reactive texts

Google gives apples a dose of special medicine with reactive texts

  • Google Messages gets updates like direct replies to individual messages and starred texts.
  • RCS is enabled for some new features, and it’s not fully compatible with Apple’s iMessage.
  • RCS works online, so it can support more features like multimedia and interactive features.

Google gives Apple a taste of its own.

The company’s latest updates to the Messages app are taking its battle with Apple even further, and will make texting between iPhone and Android even more annoying than it already is.

Updates are great if you are an Android user. google messages Include new features The ability to reply to individual messages, star them, and set reminders on texts. But these features and a few other updates for Messages are RCS-enabled, which means they won’t be fully compatible with SMS, the texting standard that iMessage turns to when you message someone without an iPhone. iPhones exchange messages using iMessage, an Apple-owned messaging system, but you can refer to SMS when sending a text message to Android.

One feature that is part of Google’s response to Apple is that now, when Message users interact with an SMS text with an emoji, iPhone users will get a text saying the other person interacted with their text along with a description of which emoji the person used. It’s similar when iMessage users interact with an SMS text message, where the recipient receives a “like so-and-so” message instead of seeing the heart emoji reaction.

Google’s campaign to pressure Apple to change

RCS stands for Rich Communications Services, and was selected in 2008 Possibly replacing SMS The texting standard from the ’90s. Compared to SMS, RCS . can Support more multimedia features on messages and making it easier to send things like GIFs and HD videos, as well as improving group messaging. The reason is that RCS It works online, not on your carrier’s bandwidth. Text messages sent by RCS work like iMessages between iPhone users, According to The Verge.

For example, as in iMessage, Google Messages users will be able to watch YouTube videos in the app, and they can create a calendar event if a date or time is sent in a message.

Google wants to push more carriers and developers towards RCS and away from SMS. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon, and manufacturers like Samsung and LG . have All RCS Promised.

“From a Google perspective, we believe every Android user should have Wi-Fi messaging only,” Sanaz Ahari, who manages Android and Business Communications at Google, edge said. She added that Android and Apple had “a lot of conversations”.

Google and Apple immediately responded to Insider’s request for comment.

In August, Android launch page On her website Calling Apple out To refuse to “adopt modern texting standards when people using iPhone and Android phones text each other.” The page contains buttons that take users to Twitter to tweet Apple to “stop breaking my texting experience. #GetTheMessage” with a link to the Android page urging Apple to “fix texting.”

“We would very much prefer that everyone adopt an RCS that has the ability to support appropriate feedback,” said Jan Jedrzegovic, product manager for Google Messages. in brief before announcing message updates. “But just in case that’s not possible or hasn’t happened yet, it looks like the next best thing.”

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Doesn’t get much One of the comments from iPhone users is that Apple needs to fix messages between iPhone and Android devices. Apple doesn’t have much incentive to do that either. In legal documents from 2021 lawsuit Between Epic Games and Apple, and Apple CEO said “Moving iMessage to Android will do us more harm than help.”

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