Get iPhone's Dynamic Island on Your Android Phone for Quick Access to Notifications, Alerts, and Activities

Get Dynamic Island from iPhone on your Android phone for quick access to notifications, alerts, and activities «Android:: Gadget Hacks

An apple dynamic island An animated interactive island surrounding the front camera on the iPhone 14 Pro series. It’s a little capsule when nothing’s happening but stretches seamlessly across the screen for notifications, alerts, and ongoing activities like music, timers, and directions. It can even expand with controls and more information. And now, you can have Dynamic Island on your Android phone.

Let’s just get this out of the way: the slit isn’t an aesthetically pleasing design. Devices get more screen space but have a drawback about the front camera. However, somehow, Apple made it “cool”. Subsequently, all Android makers copied and iterated it, as the hole-punch design became more prevalent across major devices. Samsung and other manufacturers are starting to implement under-display cameras, but by all accounts, the technology has a way to go before it’s a workable solution.

After four years of cursing us all with the notch, Apple has finally come up with a more elegant way to hide the camera along with forcing users to use a black background. While Dynamic Island is only for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max at the moment, we Android users who are burdened with gaps in our smartphone screens can emulate Dynamic Island with a simple app.

Step 1: Install Dynamic Spot

The Android version of Dynamic Island is called dynamic spot (Yes, lowercase d), developed by Jawomo. It takes advantage of Android’s “swipe over other apps” feature to place a popup in the notification bar above the selfie camera clip. To get started, click on the link below and install it like any other app.

Step 2: Select the apps

Launch a dynamic app, and you’ll see a setup process that you can follow. First, you’ll select the apps you want to appear in the popup. Click “Select apps” to access the list of apps, switch between the apps you want to include, and hit the back button.

You may be tempted to hit the All button to select every app on your device, but not all notifications are created equal. For example, one of the things I found annoying was the popup drawing over Google Maps when you’re on the go. I’ve already activated the map, and when I don’t, it defaults to Picture-in-Picture. Your mileage may vary.

Step 3: Grant access to the notification

Next on the setup screen, there are two special permissions that must be given to Dynamic Spot. First, you’ll give the app’s device and app notification access, allowing Dynamic Spot to show your app’s activity in the popup. Click on “Access Notification” to get started.

The app will take you directly to Device & App Notifications, Access Notifications, or something similar in the Settings app, depending on your device model.

From the list, find and launch Dynamic Spot, which will launch a dialog warning you of the dynamic power Spot will gain from this action. If you’re good with it, tap “Allow,” and you’ll be back on the setup screen.

Step 4: Activate On-Screen Drawing

The second permission is for the AccessibilityService API, which allows Dynamic Spot to override other apps. Click “Draw on Screen” to continue. This time you will get a dialog explaining why the app is requesting this permission and revealing that it will not collect any data. Click “Next” to continue.

If you’re using a Google Pixel, find and select a dynamic location on the accessibility page, then tap “Allow” after reading the pop-up warning. We’ve come this far, so why go back now?

On a Samsung Galaxy model, you may have to tap Installed Apps on the Accessibility page, then select Dynamic Spot from the list. Next, tap the toggle next to “Off” to turn it on, then tap “Allow” after reading the warning.

Other Android models will have a similar process.

Step 5: Adjust Popup Settings

With everything set up, click Done! to complete setup. Now, you can jump into Popup Settings, followed by Dimensions, to adjust the size and position of the bean to meet your taste and preferences. You’ll also find some customizable interaction options that can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New “Dynamic Island”

Now that everything is configured, you can play with your new game. The best place to start is your favorite music app, which has to be YouTube Music. Press play, and the pill will appear. You can long press on the popup to expand it and interact with the music controls. You can also open the application itself with a single click.

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Cover image, screenshots and GIFs by Tommy Palladino / Gadget Hacks

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