Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with Magsafe Review

Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with Magsafe Review

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reconsidering – I’ve been searching for the perfect case since I got my new iPhone 14 Pro in October. I used the Noreve Wallet case I’m reviewing here on my iPhone 11 Pro this past July. I like to have my wallet and phone in one carry bag. I was intrigued when Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with Magsafe popped up for review. I wondered how safe it would be to carry my phone with the MagSafe feature on. I was used to a well-designed luxury leather briefcase, and hoped this one would be great. Did it meet my expectations? Read on to find out!

What is this?

The Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Folio Case with Magsafe is a completely wrap-around case. It attaches to the phone using MagSafe magnets. It is held closed by another magnet on a strap. It can hold credit cards and cash.

What’s in the box?

  • The bag that contained the phone case
  • Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with Magsafe vol. 4.0 in tan
  • Additional leather cord guard

Design and features

I really like the company and the case. Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Case with Magsafe comes in a fully recyclable box. When I opened the box, that wonderful scent of fresh leather wafted towards me. My husband actually uses the bag the box came in to store some of the cables he needs to carry around on a daily basis. In the photo above, you can see the inside of the case. The side that the phone sits on and the bottom of the credit card strips is made of really soft microfiber. Feels like suede to me. There is no way it will scratch your phone. There are three credit card holders on the left. Each holder can carry two credit cards. There is a slot under the cards for cash, business cards, or any other credit cards you may want to carry. Their website says the case is designed to work with a bare phone or a phone in Apple’s leather or silicone sleeve. My husband had an Apple silicone case, and it worked with her, but it made the whole setup too bulky, in my opinion.

I took a close-up of the credit card holders to see the stitching. I thought it was a very nice job

Below is a close-up of the credit card slots filled in. I have one card in each slot at the bottom. The top field is filled with my driver’s license and medical insurance card.

Here you can see the installed phone status. I was apprehensive about having a case that only held the phone in place with magnets. It works great!

This is a photo of the back of the box. It has a hole for the lenses.

I took another photo of the back from this angle to see how well the lenses are protected. It is recessed below the edge of the case with a good margin of error.

Finally, I took a picture of the side of the case so you can see the phone is sitting inside the edge of the case. You can also see the magnetic strap that holds the case closed.


I’ve been using Geometric Goods iPhone 14 Pro Leather Folio Case with Magsafe as my daily driver for the past few days. I like that there is enough leather to put my finger behind a credit card and pull it out. It was never accidentally opened, and the phone stays where it is.

I was a little concerned about the edges of my phone showing through as they do in this case. I was worried that a fall would cause the latch to loosen and the phone to spill out of the case. I decided to try and do a drop test of the case. I have a Gorilla gym mat in my workout room. I put another yoga mat on top of it. Then I proceeded to drop the phone from different angles from about the height of the table top. The case was never opened, the phone never came out. Even when I dropped the phone in the corner. I was very impressed.

what I like

  • Nice wallet well built
  • Made of vegan tanned leather – you can smell it!
  • It can hold at least 6 credit cards and a driver’s license
  • It remains locked without accidental opening
  • The phone is held in place by MagSafe magnets

What I would like to change

  • It’s pricey, but I feel it’s worth it.

Final thoughts

I found my permanent case for my phone. Now I have to figure out how to stop my husband from stealing it from me! Although, if you are looking for a wallet-type case for your iPhone, then look no further. Geometric Goods has made my dream case.

price: $98.90
where to buy: engineering goods
source: This product sample was provided by engineering goods.

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