Fujifilm has announced its new INSTAX SQUARE Link smartphone printer with augmented reality technology

Fujifilm has announced its new INSTAX SQUARE Link smartphone printer with augmented reality technology

Fujifilm has announced the launch of its new INSTAX SQUARE Link smartphone printer that is set to thrill instant photography lovers everywhere. SQUARE Link will bring augmented reality and digital photo sharing to its creative users.

The latest addition to the Link Smartphone printers, the SQUARE Link, creates instant prints in the INSTAX SQUARE format at 1.5 times the size of their INSTAX mini counterparts. There are also plenty of unique, never-before-seen features that are designed to encourage creativity. This includes augmented reality Print and INSTAX Connect™, which allows photography and print lovers to share their photos in new ways. SQUARE Link has several frame templates, digital posters, and print placement options to help inspire its user to think outside the frame when creating their photographic masterpieces, with our free downloadable app*.

“Designed with instant photography and smartphone printing in mind, we are excited to introduce the new INSTAX SQUARE Link,” said Shin Udono, Senior Vice President of Imaging Solutions at Fujifilm. “The new SQUARE Link brings everything existing customers love about existing Link formats, now in SQUARE format – With the addition of exciting new features including AR Print and INSTAX Connect, providing more options for users to connect, customize and share photos.”


Augmented Reality (AR) printing

This allows AR features to be added to your footage. This includes special effects, text, images, background colors, doodles, and even animations to help bring your instant photos to life. Simply scan the QR code printed on the images with your smartphone to unlock the AR content. Let friends see your creations by inviting them to do the same using their smartphone!

INSTAX Connect

Share your photos instantly by selecting a smartphone photo, adding text content or effects, and sending them to any connected device. It’s easy. Users can add text to their photos and have text responses sent directly on the photo. If the person you’re sending it to also has a SQUARE link, they can print a copy of it themselves, choosing to keep the text on it or not.

Customizable with photo modes, design frames, and stickers

Get creative with the many frame templates, digital posters, and print placement options available on SQUARE Link. There are two modes to choose from – INSTAX-Rich mode for deep, enhanced colors or INSTAX-Natural mode for a more classic look. Edit smartphone photos with artistic filters, brightness, contrast or saturation settings. Can’t decide which photos to print or want to keep your memories in one photo? Well now you can because SQUARE Link allows you to combine up to nine photos into one INSTAX photo collage.

Light weight and fast transportation

The SQUARE Link features a compact, lightweight feel with a striped texture for a sleek, aesthetic look. Your photos will be printed in about 12 seconds, with the ability to print up to 100 INSTAX copies from a single charge via Bluetooth.

The SQUARE Link is available in two colors Ash White and Midnight Green and is available for purchase from Fujifilm and instax.ie stores for €150.

INSTAX mini 11 fans will be delighted to see the stunning pastel green colors that are now available. This beautiful new color is designed to keep up with the latest fashion trends so the camera will pair perfectly with your stylish outfit.

Just like the rest of the INSTAX mini 11 family, the Pastel Green colors feature an auto exposure function, in which the camera automatically senses the ambient light level when you take a photo. So whether you’re out on a sunny day, at a party, or in a dark room, this super-smart function allows you to take instant, high-quality prints. Also available in this new color for INSTAX mini 11 is a selfie mode, which allows you to retract the front edge of the lens after turning on the camera, meaning you’ll be able to take great selfies and close-ups with ease.

The INSTAX mini 11 Pastel Green is now available for purchase from Fujifilm and Fujifilm dealers instax.ie For €90 SRP.

* Free application compatible with Android phones and iPhones. It can be downloaded from Google Play in the case of Android phones and the App Store for iPhones. Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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