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Foxconn apologizes after the workers’ clashes

Foxconn has apologized after workers at the troubled Zhengzhou iPhone factory in China She clashed with riot police earlier this week.

Footage uploaded to social media on Wednesday showed hundreds of workers joining protests at the world’s largest iPhone factory in China, with some men smashing security cameras and windows.

Some workers were apparently beaten by Chinese riot police, and there were also reports of injuries.

Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. Image credit: Steve Jurvetson

Foxconn apology

The spark for the protests appeared to be a plan to delay bonus payments to new workers, with many of the protesters reportedly shouting “Give us our wages!”.

Some workers have also complained of being forced to share dormitories with colleagues who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Reuters quoted Foxconn on Wednesday as saying it had fulfilled payment contracts and that reports of infected employees living on campus with new recruits were “incorrect.”

But on Thursday, Reuters reported Foxconn said a “technical error” related to wages occurred when hiring new recruits, and Taiwanese manufacturing apologized to the workers after the labor unrest.

“Our team was looking into the matter and discovered a technical error that occurred during the onboarding process,” Foxconn was quoted as saying in a statement, referring to the hiring of new workers.

“We apologize for the error in computer system entry and we guarantee the actual pay is the same as agreed and official posters for employment.”

Foxconn did not explain the error.

The apology was a change of face from a day earlier when Foxconn said it had fulfilled its payment contracts.

However, the admission appears to have died down the largest protests and the company has been reaching out to employees involved in smaller protests, a source familiar with Foxconn told Reuters on Thursday.

Apple said it had employees at the factory and was “working closely with Foxconn to ensure that its employees’ concerns are addressed.”

Factory insurance

The unrest comes as China is seeing record numbers of Covid-19 infections and facing more and more lockdowns.

And one of the closures affected the availability of the high-end models of the iPhone 14.

Earlier this week, Best Buy CEO Corey Barry said Apple’s high-end iPhones like the iPhone 14 Pro It will be in short supply in stores this holiday season.

Earlier this month, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory — sometimes referred to as “iPhone City” — It was kept closed for seven days.

The Zhengzhou factory, which spans 1.4 million square meters and includes dormitories, restaurants, basketball courts and a soccer field, usually employs 200,000 workers, producing 500,000 iPhones per day.

The Chinese authorities made the decision to lock down the entire area after Foxconn did Try to control the covid outbreak At the world’s largest iPhone factory in October and early November.

However, before the lockdown began, local reports indicated that large numbers of factory workers at the Zhengzhou plant had fled the site, where coronavirus cases were rising, due to fears of a lockdown or an outbreak of Covid-19.

This same lockdown lasted until Wednesday 9 November, and did not seem to stop the spread of cases, with infections identified in October and November.

manufacturing issue

With the lockdown now over at the facility, production is still held up by staff shortages (many of whom have absconded).

Production capacity at the plant, which is currently operating in a so-called closed-loop process, could drop by up to 30 percent this month, media reported.

Foxconn said it before He will do everything he can to meet his order bookAnd last week, Chinese officials reportedly began recruiting retired military and government personnel to help out at the plant.

Officials were accused of “lifting the lockdown” amid reports that people’s freedoms inside the plant were still being restricted, in order to isolate the plant’s workers from the surrounding area.

Apple also acquired the A very unusual move to warn customers of long waiting times for new iPhones as the lockdown affected shipments of the latest generation of the device.

The Zhengzhou factory is critical to Apple, as the factory manufactures the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and accounts for 70 percent of iPhone shipments globally.

Apple recently I started to shift some iPhone 14 production for factories in India.

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