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Firmware news: OnePlus 7 Series Get Android 12, Galaxy S20, A13, A53 Get the software update and more

In mid-October, Samsung is preparing to improve the security of its products with the latest security updates. The setup is perfect for Google to release its software for Pixel smartphones as well because it’s the first day of the month. Is it just the same old security fixes this time around, or is it something new? Continue reading to find out more.

Devices lined up for today


Galaxy S20

Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Galaxy A13 5G

Galaxy A53


OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro


Nokia T20, G21 and G50


Huawei P20


Galaxy S20 gets another security update

Samsung made the October security update available for the Galaxy S20 FE last week. The update has now been extended to the remaining Galaxy S20 models in Europe, including the Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Firmware version G98xFXXSFFVIB is the latest update for the 4G LTE models of the Samsung Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The new firmware update for the 5G variants of mobile phones is G98xBXXSFFVIB. Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Nordic countries, Portugal, Poland, Southeast Europe, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Baltic region, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom receive the update.

You can now install the all-new software update on your Galaxy S20 smartphone line if you live in one of the countries listed above by going to Setting » Software update and selecting Download and install.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite receives October security patch

The October 2022 saga of security updates is still on, and the Note 10 Lite is Samsung’s latest smartphone to receive security updates. Although the firmware is currently only available in one country, it is rolled out across Europe.

In France, Samsung is distributing the October 2022 security update for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite (SM-N770F). Firmware version N770FXXS8GVI2 allows users to learn about the latest version. This new version of the old Galaxy Note 10 Lite does not include any new features; Instead, it’s a standard upgrade designed to raise the level of device security.

Despite the discontinuation of the Note series of smartphones, at least in name, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite still stands out among the lineup of Samsung smartphones. When the Note 10 Lite was first introduced in January 2020, it came preinstalled with Android 10. Many Samsung users have now updated their smartphones to One UI 4.1 and Android 12. The Note 10 Lite is likely to be the final. The Galaxy Note Lite branded phone will leave the Samsung factory, and One UI 5.0 will be the final important update for the device.

Sometime in the future, Samsung is expected to release One UI 5.0 and Android 13 for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, but not until newer and newer devices do. Users can expect these popular security patches until that time.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite users in France should be able to install the October 2022 security update immediately after seeing the message or by opening the Settings app, going to Software Update, and selecting Download and Install. More markets should receive the update soon.

Galaxy A13 5G receives October security patch

The last locked Galaxy A13 5G software update was released in the US in August and included the July 2022 security patch. Since then, Samsung hasn’t bothered to provide August or September security updates for the smartphone; Keep using the same firmware. The brand is currently offering the October 2022 security update for it after two security upgrades were ignored.

In December 2021, Android 11 operating system was released alongside the Galaxy A13 5G. In June, Samsung released an update for the phone running Android 12 that included the May 2022 security patch. The Canadian version of the smartphone is currently receiving the October 2022 patch, while unlocked devices in the US are still running the July 2022 security patch.

By going to Setup » Software and selecting Download and install, you can manually check for the new update if your phone hasn’t already told you.

Galaxy A53 gets October patch

Galaxy A53 5G, a different mid-range Samsung phone, is now compatible with the October 2022 patch. In Europe, Samsung is releasing the patch for the device (model number SM-A536B).

The update is identified by the string “A536BXXS4AVJ1”, and as you might infer from the “S” in the mode number, it only contains the October security update. One UI has not undergone any updates or gained any new features.

Several European countries are currently offering the update, such as France, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. However, as usual, the firmware should quickly gain momentum and reach the Galaxy A53 in additional areas.

This month’s security update fixes 32 Android vulnerabilities and 18 Samsung flaws, some of which allowed unauthorized access to call details, secure memory content, device serial numbers and other information.

Galaxy A53 5G owners in regions where the October security patch is accessible can download it by visiting Software Update in the Settings app and selecting Download and Install.


OnePlus 7 series gets Android 12

Almost two months after Google released Android 13, OnePlus is now ready to send its important Android update to the OnePlus 7, 7T, 7 Pro, and 7T Pro series. However, we are not referring to Android 13 but rather Android 12, which has been around for more than a year. Better late than never.

For the four phones mentioned above, the Chinese manufacturer started beta tests of Android 12 a few weeks ago. Those who took part in the process are now starting to get the final upgrade. This indicates that in the coming days and weeks, those who were not part of the testing program should also get the Android 12 upgrade.

For OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, the design is set to H.28, while for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro it is set to F.16. The upgrade includes the August 2022 security updates level, which is now two months old and is a joke at this point.

New features include new style options for Cards in Shelf, a 3-level dark mode, a new smart battery engine, which uses algorithms to extend battery life, new app icons, system-wide improvements to the way text and color are displayed, support for MMS spam prevention, plus End-to-end frame rate stabilizer HyperBoost for gaming. The new software, OxygenOS 12.1, represents a complete visual overhaul of these models.


Nokia G21, G50 & T20, Get a Security Update

The September security patch has not been released by Nokia Mobile for its products. Their first tablet, Nokia T20, followed by Nokia G21 and Nokia G50, can now receive the upgrade. The updates appeared in Croatia, but you should see them everywhere else as well. The T20 received the update today, while the G21 and G50 have had it for some time.

Update size:

  • Nokia G21 15.7MB,
  • Nokia T20 – 10.50MB
  • Nokia G50 – 83.33MB


October Program Upgrade for Huawei P20 Series

Huawei P20 series users gain advantages in all aspects. The Chinese Huawei P20 series of phones is receiving the new October 2022 HarmonyOS update, while the global variant of the phone is getting the stable EMUI 12 version.

The Chinese company often begins distributing software updates from the largest and most expensive devices. After that, the company is gradually turning into a mid-range and outdated technology. But the shift this time around is somewhat unexpected.

Huawei’s first pick to patch the optimization in October 2022 is the P20 series. Here are some other reasons why you should update your firmware.

  • It improves the stability of the overall system of the device
  • Enhances performance efficiency
  • It upgrades the internal system to a reliable degree
  • Fully optimized performance management

Another noteworthy aspect is that HarmonyOS build, an upgrade from, is included in the latest firmware. This indicates that the HarmonyOS 3.0 interface is gradually making its way to the P20 series.

Let’s take a look at which models are compatible with the new update so that Huawei checks for the certainty of the important update for the P20 smartphones.


We have now finished our discussion of the news of the programs that have been in the press over the past week. We sincerely hope you had a good time. Join us again the following week for more amazing OEM news.

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