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  • Schwab Asset Management becomes the first major asset manager to pilot a new agent survey solution from Broadridge.
  • Envestnet co-founder Laurie Hardwicke has been appointed Docupace’s chairman of the board of directors, replacing Brad Bernstein.
  • Hearsay Systems has announced a new customer engagement solution that is compatible with independent RIAs.

Schwab Asset Management announced Thursday that it is the first major asset manager to pilot a A new proxy ballot solution From the fintech company Broadridge Financial Solutions.

The new solution allows The Charles Schwab Corp.’s Asset Management division to poll fund shareholders to understand their key preferences regarding key proxy issues, according to Schwab.

“Voting for the shares of securities held by our funds is a duty that Schwab Asset Management takes very seriously,” said Omar Aguilar, Schwab Asset Management CEO and CIO. “We want to better understand shareholder perspectives on important proxy issues, and know that more shareholders want to share their opinions with us and express their unique preferences through their investments.”

The new Broadridge solution is designed to provide an efficient and scalable way to gather public preferences across a large shareholder base. The pilot will engage shareholders of one Schwab fund and two Schwab ETFs – the Schwab 1000 Index Fund (SNXFX), the Schwab 1000 Index ETF (SCHK) and the Schwab Ariel ESG ETF (SAEF).

As of June 30, Schwab Asset Management managed approximately $575.9 billion on a discretionary basis and $34.4 billion on a non-discretionary basis.

Laurie Hardwicke appointed Docupace CEO

Docupace announced Thursday that the industry veteran Laurie Hardwicke He has been appointed Chairman of its Board of Directors, effective immediately, replacing Brad Bernstein, Managing Partner of FTV Capital.

Hardwicke has over 30 years’ experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and board member for some of the fastest growing and widely recognized companies in the sector, including Envestnet, which she co-founded and joined by Pershing at BNY Mellon’s. Before participating in the establishment of artificial intelligence laboratories.

“This expertise will be shared with Docupace as the company continues to implement its ambitious strategic expansion goals,” Docupace said.

Hardwicke currently holds board seats at Cerity Partners, Cetera Financial Group, Orion Advisor Solutions, and Vestwell, where she also serves as chair of the board. She is also a member of the strategic advisory board of Genstar Capital.

The company said it is taking on its new role on the Docupace Board of Directors as the company expands its executive leadership team “to support its strong growth and central intent to deliver a comprehensive back-office ecosystem for the wealth management industry.”

Hearsay presents the RIA . platform

Hearsay Systems announced a New show for RIAs On Tuesday, he said the new client engagement-compatible solution will help independent advisors “thriving in today’s digital world.”

The new solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations with fewer than 50 employees so they can more effectively grow and maintain advisor-client relationships, Hirsay said.

“RIA plays an important role in today’s financial services, but it often lacks the central compliance and marketing functions that make robust communications strategies work,” said Mike Boyce, Hersay’s CEO, in a statement.

“We believe they deserve the same opportunities to connect with customers and prospects that large companies can reach,” he added.

The new turnkey solution, presented as a package, allows, among other things: social dissemination and messaging on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, including campaigns and personalization; Flexible, mobile-optimized, and SEO-friendly personal sites; Suggested and structured content that consultants can customize and publish; and “smooth texting, voice, and desktop and mobile options with automation,” according to Hearsay.

Mercer Advisors chief marketing officer Gary Foodim says his company has already embraced the solution. “We chose to partner with Hearsay because it delivers high-quality content to our team for social posts, while unlocking new options for texting and calling – in one easy-to-use platform,” he said in a statement. “We believe Hearsay will be a game changer for our advisors.”

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