Elon Musk, Tesla unveil Optimus robot

Elon Musk, Tesla unveil Optimus robot

Robot prototype is on the way, says Elon Musk, as observers hope it won’t be a dancing man in body sock – like last year

Tesla and Elon Musk may reveal a prototype of its humanoid robot (known as the Tesla Bot or Optimus) to the world later this month.

It should be remembered that in August 2021, CEO Elon Musk used Tesla’s ‘AI Day’ event to promote a humanoid robot he intended to build.

Tesla’s AI Day event is essentially a series of tech talks hosted by the electric car maker to hire machine learning talent and get investors excited about future technologies.

Dancing condoms?

Recorded in 2021 in this YouTube video, Musk can be seen explaining how Tesla will build a humanoid robot called the Tesla Bot (go to the 2 hour and 5 minute mark).

The Tesla Bot will be designed to eliminate “dangerous, repetitive, and boring tasks,” but Musk warned that the bot “probably won’t work,” at least not initially.

In the video, Musk got into the usual showmanship when a Tesla Bot character, who turns out to be a human Telsa Bot Body-stocking actor, took to the stage and proceeded to dance and spin in a ‘robot’. ‘ method.

Critics at the time mocked the condom-wearing “dancing robot”.

Musk emphasized the obvious fact that the Tesla Bot representative was not a real robot, but insisted that “the Tesla Bot will be real.”

tesla bot

Fast forward one year, and Reuters noted Tesla has announced multiple job opportunities as the electric car maker seeks to hire the skills needed for its ambitious plan to deploy thousands of humanoid robots, known as the Tesla Bot or Optimus, within its factories.

In fact, Tesla reports that it has posted about 20 job openings for “Tesla Bot,” including jobs for designing key robot parts such as “triggers.”

“The code that you will write will eventually run in millions of robots around the world, and therefore high quality standards will be adhered to,” one of the job postings reportedly stated.

According to Reuters, citing a person familiar with the matter, there is a buzz growing within the company as Tesla holds more internal meetings on the bots.

Musk has previously said that robots can be used in homes, preparing dinner, mowing the lawn, caring for the elderly, and even becoming a “buddy” or “sexual partner.”

The “friendly” Telsa robot will be 5.8 inches high, weigh around 57kg, and have a bearing capacity of 20kg.

It will have a screen instead of a face, and is designed so that humans can either escape from it (it can only run at 5 miles per hour) or people can overpower it.

Musk previously said that if robots work and can perform repetitive tasks that only humans can do today, they have a chance to transform the global economy by lowering labor costs.

The value of the robotics business may ultimately be more than the revenue from Tesla cars, Musk has said.

Hold the hot air?

And now according to Reuters, Musk said that on “Artificial Intelligence Day” (scheduled for September 30), Tesla will unveil a prototype of its Optimus project.

Optimus is of course the name of the powerful leader of the Autobots in the Transformers movie series.

Musk said Optimus production could start next year.

But Musk often promoted a lot of things with completely unrealistic timeframes.

For example, over the years, Musk has amplified Tesla’s driver assistance system (autopilot) and self-driving technology.

In fact, in late 2016, Musk promised Tesla fans a self-driving car capable of driving from Los Angeles to New York without “one touch needed” by the end of 2017.

Then at the “Autonomy” event in 2019, Musk raised billions of dollars for Tesla by promising investors that the company would have 1 million “robotaxi ready” cars on the road by the end of 2020.

The company has not yet offered such a car.

And in July 2020, Musk said Tesla was “very close” to achieving Level 5 autonomous driving technology.

Tesla cars are currently running Level Two, which requires the driver to remain alert and ready to go, with their hand on the wheel. Seems to be a long way from level 5.

Musk has previously been clear about his concerns about AI, having previously tweeted that AI could evolve to be “more dangerous than nuclear weapons”. He even described artificial intelligence as an “existential threat”.

In 2015, Musk set aside $10 million in cash to protect humanity from eventual extinction at the hands of robotic robots.

The donation was to the Future of Life Institute (FLI), a nonprofit advisory board dedicated to assessing the potential of artificial intelligence technology for the benefit of humanity.

dangerous missions

But it should be remembered that Tesla (like other automakers) already employs hundreds of robots designed for specific jobs in the manufacture of its cars.

In July of this year, Tesla released footage of the 6,000-ton giant Giga Press creating car divisions.

Image credit: Tesla
Image credit: Tesla

At first, Musk said Optimus would do boring or dangerous jobs, including moving parts around its factories.

Musk has reportedly admitted that humanoid robots don’t have enough intelligence to navigate the real world without explicit instructions.

But he said Tesla could leverage its expertise in artificial intelligence and key components to develop and produce smart, but less expensive, robots on a large scale.

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