Elon Musk shouldn’t be making a Twitter phone — for his own good

The new week hardly passes a day, and Twitter owner Elon Musk is trying to move his followers into another rebellion, this one against Apple. he claims The company is tightening the screws on its platform, presumably to entice it to increase moderation of content or risk removal from the iOS ecosystem. Google was also in its sights for much the same reason. What enhances his influence is the fact that both of them are involved Various disputes regarding app publishers’ revenue taking – and with Billions of debt To pay back the creditors, the self-proclaimed freedom fighter will need every penny he can get his hands on Sell ​​verification badges users and laying eyeballs on the ad slots he’s currently struggling to sell. But what if the App Store and Play Store diverted Twitter from their walled gardens? One of the ways he can fight back with lawsuits is by going directly to the consumer to buy mobile handsets. After all, native hardware offers many opportunities for lined margins. Well, last week, Musk has indicated his willingness to do just that.


I know, I’ve managed to pull off a long enough string of sloppy comments that shouldn’t warrant too much attention. But in the short time I’ve put any active idea into it, I just couldn’t get my head around how such a product could make money on its own.

So, what would a Twitter phone look like? Practically, somewhat ironically, it may be running Android. We already know that open source Android can be used to serve any purpose, so Google wouldn’t have to see any money come its way whether it be licensing Google apps for pre-loading or the Play Store as its own app store – Amazon Fire tablets Run Android without any of Google’s services, and there are few commercial use products like point-of-sale systems with foundations in Google-free Android. The field of developers for Android is also very plentiful and hiring will be quick for such an urgent need. Suffice it to say, there must be some incredible justification for walking away from this expected option.

Despite his performance so far on Twitter, Musk has been able to exercise a certain level of managerial competence at his other holdings like Tesla and SpaceX as long as we ignore some niceties that include accusations of unsafe work practices during the COVID pandemic and from former employees regarding widespread sexual harassment. in the workplace (see Washington Post And the Rolling Stone). Let’s say he’s able to bring together the manpower to design, engineer, and maintain an easy-to-use mobile Twitter terminal. After all, is it in Musk’s best interests to allow other microblogging sites like conservative-aligned Gab or Truth Social on a device of his own making, even if he’s trying to promote what he believes to be freedom of speech? Maybe, if he gets paid rent. However, the owner of Truth Social – former President Donald Trump – may not be inclined to equalize that A kind of deal he hasn’t posted on his favorite one-time social platform since Musk reinstated his account earlier this month (via Reuters).

Unless Musk can launch a killer side app related to Tesla, SpaceX, and/or any of his other entities, it would only make sense to focus the phone around planning and communicating with Twitter. Do device owners get Twitter Blue for free? Some kind of insurance feature for their Model X? Free tickets to watch the rocket launch? Maybe — as Liz Wheeler puts it, “guy build rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be handy” — but for whatever convenience he might consider including, his money is chasing his users’ money. He just needs to catch all of his 200 million or so daily active users and then he ends up making $200 per unit sold. bubble! 40 billion dollars in the bank. If Apple did it, why couldn’t he?

We’ve already talked about how to use the Freedom Phone (via ScreenRant) seems to have fallen short of its mainstream ambitions, especially since some in its far-right audience have criticized the devices’ Chinese origins. It also fell short in execution, too, with shipping delays experienced by customers who paid hundreds of dollars for a low-cost device. To top it all off, the creator of the Freedom Phone celebrated the arrival of volume stock back in January with a tweet he sent from an iPhone (via daily point). It’s an unfortunate marketing blunder that Musk has assured will never happen again because he instructed his engineers to do so. Scrub the metadata of the originating device from the tweets. At least if the Twitter Phone bug goes wrong, Musk can hide the fact that he’s sneaking all his tweets through an iPhone. All of this is shorthand for saying that a lot can go wrong and that it can she has Mistake for others who try. The value proposition to consumers cannot contain major errors on Musk’s part.

Well, we’ve slipped down that slippery limb far enough and haven’t drawn any GUI diagrams because writing this is tiring enough. Elon Musk has admitted to spending nearly every waking hour since his Twitter acquisition trying to figure out where to point that bird in a “public square.” Meanwhile, the Tesla CEO has seen the automaker’s market capitalization drop from its year-to-date peak of nearly $1.2 trillion in April to below $970 billion in mid-September before hitting a low of $530 billion last week. . He’s recovered a bit since then, but Musk is in no position to engage Apple and Google in free-speech wars unless he has the right friends in high places and workers who believe in him or have to believe in him to do effective work. Counterattack, not to mention the creation of a Twitter phone.

But wait, what do I know about money?

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