Elon Musk fires Twitter contractors

Elon Musk fires Twitter contractors

Elon Musk has reportedly removed Twitter’s teams of third-party contractors, whose role it is to ensure the platform is free of misinformation and hate, according to multiple US media reports.

Saturday platform Casey Newton first announced layoffs. On Sunday, he noted, about 4,400 of the 5,500 contract workers in the United States and abroad had been let go, without warning or notice.

The impact of Twitter’s outsourced teams has been independently confirmed before CNBCAnd the from the inside And the Axios – All of this confirmed the dismissal of a large number of workers.

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He comes after Elon Musk Eliminate 50 percent of Twitter’s internal workforcebelieved to be 3,700 out of a workforce of 7,500, dissolve its board of directorsAnd the Firing senior management – A. urges Mass exodus From Senior executives from the platform.

Now it has also been confirmed that Twitter’s external content moderation teams were affected by the contractor who responded to Casey Newton’s report.

Newton said the contractors were surprised by the move, after there had been no prior warning or notices.

“Contractors are not notified at all, they just lose access to Slack and email,” he said chirp. Managers found out when their workers had just disappeared from the system.

Data scientist Melissa Engel, another contractor affected by the cuts, said she learned of her fate Saturday night when her access to Twitter’s systems was suddenly cut off.

“I got off Twitter on Saturday night. No explanation, just all access removed. Happy holidays everyone! she tweeted.

Federal Trade Commission concern

If true, this warning from Twitter’s content moderation teams will only heighten US federal agencies’ concern about Elon Musk’s messy handling of his Twitter takeover.

Besides mass shootings, Musk also devised a failed plan to make users pay $8 for a “verified” account, with no procedure in place for actual verification.

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission issued a very public statement, saying it was Twitter’s moves under Elon Musk are closely watched with ‘deep concern’after the resignation of the three privacy and compliance officers.

These resignations potentially put Twitter at risk of violating regulatory orders.

You must remember that file The FTC has reached a settlement with Twitter In May this year, after the use of the platform was discovered Personal user information for targeting ads.

The FTC’s settlement in May built on a 2011 agreement that requires the company to install reasonable privacy safeguards and be responsible for its information security program.

In May 2022, when Twitter agreed to pay a $150 million fine for allegedly deceiving users about how their phone numbers were used to sell ads, the FTC obtained new concessions. Under the order, Twitter reportedly agreed to install an enhanced privacy and information security program with specific requirements.

If Twitter does not comply with this agreement, the Federal Trade Commission can issue fines running into billions of dollars, according to a note from an attorney for the employees.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has responded to advertisers and big brand names who are pulling back or stopping their ad spending with Twitter, revealing that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has just ordered one of the largest ad packages available from Twitter,

campaign, according to CNBCis promoting SpaceX’s satellite Internet service, Starlink, in Australia and Spain.

Dismissal of veteran engineers

Meanwhile, over the weekend Elon Musk also engaged in a very public tweet with a veteran Twitter engineer with whom he publicly disagreed.

started when Musk tweeted over the weekend He wanted to “apologize for the slowness of Twitter in many countries”.

Musk blamed the Twitter app for “poorly doing >1000 RPCs just to show a home timeline!”

A few hours later, veteran Twitter engineer Eric Fronhofer tweeted back “I’ve been working on Twitter for Android for about 6 years and can honestly say this is wrong.”

according to Forbesthe two men got back and forth in a public Twitter thread about technical issues with Android app performance, with Musk at one point he asks on a Sunday afternoon: “Twitter is very slow on Android. What did you do to fix that?”

Elon Musk later chirp That Frohnhoefer was fired, Frohnhoefer responded with a saluting emoji, Forbes reported. However, Musk’s tweet appears to have been subsequently deleted.

However, Frohnhoefer confirmed that he was banned from Twitter systems and had changed his Twitter profile previously.

Forbes quoted Fronhofer as saying he did not have a strong opinion of Musk before he arrived on Twitter, and described himself as being in the “wait-and-see camp.” But, since the new regime, it has “collapsed”, according to Fronhofer.

He reportedly said, “Nobody trusts anyone inside the company anymore.” “How can you operate? Employees don’t trust the new management. Management doesn’t trust the employees. How do you think you’re supposed to get anything done? That’s why there are production freezes — you can’t merge code, you can’t run things without the permission of the VPs.”

Frohnhoefer added that he remains “worried” about the company’s immediate future, particularly given how its senior leadership treats employees.

while Bloomberg reported That Musk also fired another senior Twitter engineer, Ben Lieb, who had publicly criticized him on the social media service, though Musk described himself as an “author of free speech.”

Ben Lieb changed his profile to “Once upon a time Twitter engineer”, after he tweeted the following.

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