DuckDuckGo: App Tracking Protection for Android universally available

DuckDuckGo: App Tracking Protection for Android is available globally

DuckDuckGo announce The general availability of the Application Tracking Protection feature on file DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Android app on November 16, 2022.

The feature launched with limited access last year, and is now available to all users of the DuckDuckGo app on Android. App Tracking Protection is still an experimental feature, but it’s universally available on Android.

To summarize its functionality for those who have not heard of it before: App Tracking Protection blocks trackers at the system level on Android using a list of known trackers. It creates a purely local VPN connection on the device. Traffic flows through the VPN and known trackers are automatically blocked while this is happening. Many apps and services use the same method to block trackers and ads on Android, including netgard.

When I reviewed the feature last year, I found Tracking Protection handy. It worked fine with most of the apps on the device, but I had issues loading some of them. The main points of criticism at the time were the lack of custom menu options, that the tracklist was not available to the public, and that Some trackers are not blocked but excluded.

The latest version of App Tracking Protection eliminates the queue and makes it available to all users of the app. The developers have been improving the feature since its launch last year. New core features include more information about trackers used by apps, performance improvements, fewer tracker exceptions, and a blocklist release in a public place.

Configure Application Tracking Protection

duckduckgo app tracking protection

Launch the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Android app to get started. Select the menu icon (three dots) at the top, then Settings.

Scroll down in Settings until you come across the More from DuckDuckGo section. Activate Application Tracking Protection there and follow the setup wizard to enable the feature. Note that you need to allow DuckDuckGo to set up a VPN connection.

Once done, the feature automatically runs in the background. Options are provided to disable tracking protection for individual applications; This is useful, as some apps may not work properly or launch at all, after enabling the feature on your Android device.

DuckDuckGo highlights apps that have tracking protection disabled, and gives users an option to enable tracking protection for those apps. 17 of more than 120 apps on a test device were not protected by the feature by default, including web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Brave, the Google Play Store, Android Auto, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Application Tracking Protection lists recent activity in the interface. A new feature is the option to dive deeper by identifying an app with blocked tracking attempts. DuckDuckGo highlights what the specific app is known to collect on the next page.

Closing words

App Tracking Protection blocks some trackers on Android devices once enabled. Some, because it is based on a list of known trackers and does not include options to add more trackers to the list using the customization options. Some too, because some apps except block by default.

DuckDuckGo addressed some user concerns when the feature was originally launched. The list of trackers is now public, there are fewer apps that are exempt from blocking by default, and more information is shown regarding data collection by individual apps.

However, app users may want to enable the new feature to reduce tracking on their devices.

Now you: Do you use apps that block trackers at the system level on your mobile devices?


DuckDuckGo: App Tracking Protection for Android is available globally

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DuckDuckGo: App Tracking Protection for Android is available globally

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App Tracking Protection is now available to all users of the DuckDuckGo Private Browser for Android app to block trackers at the system level.


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