Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Don’t trade in your Samsung Galaxy for an iPhone

This season saw impressive new flagship phones like The best Samsung phones And the Best iPhones Hit the market, all with exorbitant price tags to match. Of course, if you already own a (working) smartphone (that hasn’t been broken), you have value in your pocket that you can exchange for a new one. Be careful, though, because swap values ​​vary wildly, and phone makers are just as tribal as you’d expect.

Apple pays much less for Samsung phones than it pays for iPhones. Samsung pays very well, but mostly for its own hardware. Sometimes it’s best not to trade your phone at all. We’ve done some research, and we’ll show you the best way to get a refund for the phone you own so you can get the one you want.

If you own an Apple iPhone…

  • Apple gives you a fair trading price
  • Samsung sometimes gives you more than Apple in exchange for iPhone trade
  • Selling your iPhone on Swappa is always a better idea

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