Don’t hang around if you want a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket – the fabric is being retired. Plus tech news from Campagnolo, MET, Kask + more

Don’t mess around if you want a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket—the fabric is in retirement. Plus tech news from Campagnolo, MET, Kask, and more

We’ve got a whole bunch of tech to tell you about this week including Van Nicholas’ updated titanium bike, apparel from Italian brands Campagnolo and Passione, and an electric pump that weighs under 100 grams, but we kicked off with news that the lightweight and waterproof Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric On his way out…

Gore Retires Gore-Tex Shakedry Fabric

If you’re interested in buying a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket, you’d better not hang around for too long because they are no longer in production and the brands will only be making new garments while their existing stock lasts.

How long will that take? We’re told that brands ordered different quantities knowing production of fabrics would be halted, so you’ll see Shakedry technology in different ranges possibly for next season and possibly even fall/winter 2023, depending on the quantity in stock, so there’s no need for that panic buying just yet. It’s just that your options will diminish over time.

Gorewear says, “Gore-Tex Shakedry is and will continue to be an essential part of Gorewear products serving the needs of endurance athletes in all weathers. Unfortunately, Gore Fabrics no longer offers Gore-Tex Shakedry technology due to ongoing supply challenges, but we are excited about Gore-Tech Shakedry Tex Shakedry, and therefore we invested in our stock position last year to ensure we could offer them until our current stock ran out.”

Gore-Tex Shakedry has been a very popular choice since its introduction in 2016. It is a membrane that is used as a single layer; There is no face cloth on top. This means it’s extremely light and packable – the jackets can easily fit into a jersey pocket when not in use – while also being breathable and of course windproof.

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On the flip side, the lack of a face texture means there’s less protection from scratches and scrapes, so the Shakedry’s durability isn’t up there with that of other waterproof materials.

2022 Gore Shakedary - 2

Other brands have told us that this, along with the fact that Shakedry is expensive to produce, is behind Jour’s decision to stop production. We’ve reached out to Gore for comment, of course, but have yet to hear back.

Gore almost certainly won’t retire Shakedry unless it has an alternative technology, but we have no idea when that will come out.

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Electric bike pump under 100g: Could this be a solution to your roadside puncture problems?

CYCPLUS will crowdfund a portable electric bike pump that is said to weigh less than 100 grams. Watch the CYCPLUS Cube video here:

CUBE says it has a maximum pumping pressure of about 100 psi and that it can inflate a 700c x 25mm road bike tire from 0 to 80 psi in 90 seconds. It is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves and takes 20 minutes to fully charge.

The Indiegogo campaign hasn’t started yet however You can sign up to be the first to get the early price, whatever that may be.

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Nine MET helmets have earned 5 stars for safety at Virginia Tech

Nine MET helmets were evaluated based on their ability to reduce the risk of concussions by Virginia Tech In the US it gets five out of five stars. All equipped with Mips.

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2022 MET concussion helmet tests

MET says that the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is “known and trusted throughout the helmet industry and is 100% independent of any funding or influence from helmet manufacturers.”

The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab gives a rating based on both linear and rotational impact energies, and all helmets are rated a maximum of 5 stars. However, it is important to note that no helmet is concussion resistant. The ratings determine which helmets best reduce the chances of a concussion.

2022 MET concussion helmet tests

The helmets tested were MET Trenta 3K Carbon Mips, MET Trenta Mips, MET Rivale Mips, MET Vinci Mips, MET Allroad Mips, MET Terranova Mips, MET Downtown Mips, MET Miles Mips, and Bluegrass Rogue Core Mips.

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Van Nicholas updates the Zephyr Disc endurance road bike

Van Nicholas has updated his Zephyr Disc endurance motorcycle, saying that it has been “improved in several key areas to propel this already impressive bike to new levels of performance excellence.” The upgrades are said to increase comfort and stiffness.


In order to “add another level of comfort,” the frame geometry has been reworked to accommodate larger (up to 35mm) rims.

Van Nicholas focused on the head tube, bottom bracket and pivots to improve overall stiffness, with the biggest difference being said to be the head tube. It includes a short section of both the upper tube and the lower tube, “allowing the weld to be placed away from points of higher pressure in that area.”

2022 Van Nicholas Zephyr Titanium Cylinder Head Tube

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The Zephyr Disc will be available from January 2023 as a complete frame or as a frame (including front fork) in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL (48cm, 51cm, 54cm, 57cm and 60cm), starting at $4,749 euros (£4,080) and €3,199 (£2,740), respectively.

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Campagnolo presents a winter collection inspired by the Dolomites

Campagnolo’s new Croce D’Aune winter apparel range is said to “offer everything cyclists need to keep riding even in the wettest and coldest months”.

2022 Campagnolo Croce D'Aune Winter Men's and Women's Long Sleeve Collection

The set features the coordinates of the Croce D’Aune mountain pass and is available for both men And the Women in different colors.

It consists of a jacket, windbreaker, jersey, narrow winter apron and socks. Campagnolo says these garments are “tailor-made for superior technical performance, incorporating water-repellent treatments, dual-stretch thermal fabric and reflective graphic details.”

2022 Campagnolo Croce D'Aune winter collection male and female coordinates

The jackets, socks, and socks are available in six sizes from small to XXXL, and the socks are available in small/medium, large, or XXL. We don’t have prices yet.

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See the feature-packed ICON3 Bike Light

See.Sense introduced ICON3, the third generation of ICON bike lights, “equipped with more brightness and smarter features.”

“In addition to sensing and reacting to moments of danger on the roads, such as roundabouts and junctions, ICON3 also comes with ‘Get me Home Mode’ and ‘Brake Mode,'” says See.Sense. “It’s also enhanced visibility by automatically adapting to be brighter in the day with adaptive light sensing mode and by using random flash patterns to help attract attention in ultra vision mode.”

2022 Watch Sense ICON3 Taillight

ICON3 has 575 lumens in the front light, 350 lumens in the back and is much brighter than ICON2, with 400 lumens in the front light and 300 lumens in the back. The light has four modes and is said to last for 15 hours in reaction mode.

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2022 Watch Sense ICON3 Front Light

Another difference is USB-C charging instead of Micro-USB, and the “twist and lock” mount “as requested by our community.” The ICON3 is said to weigh 50g, and See.Sense says it will enable you to be seen up to 3km away.

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The ICON3 Rear can be purchased on its own for £99.99, or as a front and rear set for £179.99.

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Kask creates the Limelight – an LED light for their urban range helmets

Kask has released the Limelight which is an LED tail light designed to “increase visibility and safety” for anyone riding in poor light conditions in urban areas.

2022 Kask Limelight LED

Limelight fits on any helmet in KASK’s urban range and has five different lighting modes. The battery lasts up to 11 hours and is fully rechargeable using the included USB-C cable.

> Kask launches three new cycling helmets

The Limelight is £50, and KASK has also added the Moebius Limelight helmet to the urban range with the Limelight already fitted, at £119.

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Clif offers a small CLIF bar

The new Clif Minis are the same as standard Clif bars but just under half the size, at 28 grams. These are “perfect for those short rides, turbo sessions, or quick snacks,” says Cliff. Each bar contains 110 calories and 4g of vegetable protein.

Screenshot - 2022-11-24-100719

Cliff Bar Mini is available in chocolate chip, crunchy peanut butter and white chocolate macadamia flavors. It can be bought in single bars for £1.19 or as a box of 10 for £11.90.

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La Passione presents its first rain jacket

Italy’s La Passione has introduced what it calls its “first 100 percent waterproof product” in the form of a new, lightweight, thermo-sealed rain jacket.

Rain jacket 2022 La Passione - 1

“The new jacket is made of an ultra-thin, three-layer laminated waterproof monofilament fabric that is among the lightest on the market,” says La Passione.

The fabric is said to be flexible, wear-resistant, and equipped with a highly breathable polyurethane membrane. It has a waterproof rating of 20,000mm, which is a high level of resistance.

Rain jacket 2022 La Pasion - 2

Back panel is cut long for splash protection and finished with reflective tape,

La Passione’s rain jacket is priced at €320 (about £275).

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MUOV TiltBikes Launches Crowdcube Campaign

MUOV file launched Crowdcube campaign for their smart indoor bike, which they say is “a reimagined Indoor cycling expertise.”

They claim MUOV TiltBikes allow riders, “to balance, steer and direction the bike, accelerate and brake for a more natural feel” and are opening a crowdfunding campaign to add to the £2.1m already raised.

2022 MUOV TiltBikes Lean Road Bike

TiltBike is compatible with all the leading training and racing platforms and has an interchangeable frame design to switch between road and TT/triathlon
hardware. MUOV says the frame sizing fits riders from 6’5″ to 200″.

Setting up the 2022 MUOV TiltBikes TT

The Crowdcube campaign opened on November 21st for pre-registered users and is open to the public on Monday November 28th. MUOV opened pre-orders in the UK for MUOV TiltBikes this month.

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