Want the “fastest socks on the planet”? They’re yours for €1,000 + more tech news from Campagnolo, Rapha, Van Nicholas...

Do you want the “fastest socks on the planet”? It’s yours for €1,000 and more tech news from Campagnolo, Rapha, Van Nicholas…

We’ve got plenty of top tech news for you this week, including updated bikes from Van Nicholas and Cotic, the iconic Campagnolo key, and the massively successful bike lights campaign on Kickstarter, but we’re starting with what’s described as “the fastest socks on the universe.”

Do you want the “fastest socks on the planet”? It’s yours for 1000 euros

Dutch brand Sockeloen will sell you a pair of cycling socks that claim to be ‘the fastest on the planet’…but they will cost you €1,000 (around £880).

The fastest sock on the planet—that’s the model’s name—can be made specifically for every cyclist (although much cheaper off-the-shelf versions are available too; more on the one-month ones).

“The sock is measured according to the size, length, and diameter of your foot,” Socklon says. “This allows you to make a sock that fits perfectly, falls within UCI rules and never slips. Plus, we help you select the right material based on the speed and temperature you want to perform at.”

Not every material is suitable for every temperature, says Sockeloen, and that its wind tunnel tests found the fastest material at every speed.

Speaking of wind tunnel testing, you can Download a report on the analysis of the aerodynamic performance of the various aerodynamic socks performed for Sockeloen earlier this year.

According to the results, Sockeloen’s Ribbel (which means “stretched”) socks require 4.2 watts less power to maintain a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) when compared to the slowest aerobic socks tested. We believe this equates to a time saving of approximately 9 seconds over a 10 mile trial.

However, compared to the AGU and Nopinz Flow socks tested, this benefit drops to about 1 watt, which equates to a time saving of about 2.5 seconds over 10 miles.

2022 Sockeloen The Fastest Sock on the Planet - 3

The results indicate that at higher speeds, the gap between Sockoleon socks and its competitors increases. This may explain why they have been spotted on the feet of so many professional riders over the past two years, including Mathieu van der Poel.

It’s just the fastest custom made Sockeloen sock on the planet and it’s very expensive. A ready-made pair – again, available in different materials to suit different speeds – is €44.95 (about £39.50).

We owe it to CyclingTips for capturing it Sockeleon socks cover first.

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Van Nicholas updates Ventus and Yukon bikes

Titanium specialist Van Nicholas added the Shimano Di2 electronic shift system as an option on his Ventus road bike and gave his Yukon Disc touring bike a proprietary tire built for the 14-speed Rohloff system.

2022 Van Nicholas Ventus Shimano Ultegra Di2 12-spd

> Read our review of the 2021 Van Nicholas Ventus

The Ventus is the rookie rider in the Van Nicholas road bike series and Stu described it as “a real pleasure to ride” when he reviewed it last year.

The latest technology to find its way into the Ventus is electronic shifting, Van Nicholas offers Shimano Di2 in the 105 (€3,499, around £3,130), Ultegra (€4199, around £4,760) and Dura-Ace (€5,899, around £5,280). £)) Flavors.

2022 Van Nicholas Yukon Disc Rohlov Titanium

Ventus Di2 will be available from November.

The Yukon Disc was developed as an ultra-lightweight touring bike that would also serve as a fast daily commuter, and there is now a version built specifically to accommodate a Rohloff 14-speed rear axle internally.

> Check out our Van Nicholas Yukon disc review

The simple click-wrapped control can be configured with regular flat handlebars, or with VNT (Van Nicholas Technologies) drop handlebars, and the cable routing is internal even just before the bottom bracket.

Yukon Disc Rohloff will be available from December with prices starting at €5,499 (about £4,920).

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Campagnolo Big Corkscrew Got L’Eroica Makeover

2022 Campagnolo Big corkscrew L'Eroica - 1

The popular Campagnolo Big Corkscrew, a staple of cycling-themed gift guides for the Donkey years, is available in a limited edition to celebrate L’Eroica’s 25th anniversary. The original version of the Old Bike event – which has spawned many others internationally – is taking place in the province of Siena, Italy, this weekend.

2022 Campagnolo Big corkscrew L'Eroica - 2

Only 50 are available worldwide, and each costs €199 (about £178).

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De Marchi presents a replica of the Selle Royal-Alan team jersey

Speaking of vintage, De Marchi and Selle Royal introduced a limited-edition replica of the jersey worn by the Selle Royal-Alan team in 1977.

2022 De Marchi Selle Royal-Alan Jersey Replica - 1

The shirt is a merino wool blend with mother-of-pearl buttons, machine-embroidered logos, and lettering in the chain stitch. Only 100 of these jerseys were made. It costs 180 euros (about 160 pounds).

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Cotic Announces Escapade in Reynolds 853 Steel

British brand Cotic has announced a new version of its Escapade all-road/light gravel/do-it-all bike made with a Reynolds 853 front triangle instead of the usual alloy steel. This is not a permanent change. Only one batch is done.

2022 Kotec Escaped Reynolds 853-1

“I originally designed the Escapade to be a solid disc road bike with large clearance spaces because the roads are potholes and rough, and proper braking is better,” says Cy Turner’s Cy Turner. “The Gravel kind of happened in Escapade, where it was already 650×47 and 700×42.

> Check out our Cotic Escapade review

“We’ve improved the concept and engineering through five generations, adding features and improving usability, but in the end it’s the same as ever; the ultra-usable hanging bike that fits your life the way you want it to.

2022 Kotec Escaped Reynolds 853 - 2

“All the other features praised on the Escapade are there and right: attractive, dynamic handling and ride characteristics; long-distance, off-road comfort; multiple heads for anything from a single bottle straight to baggage everywhere, and anything in between; inside-out steering options For anything from easy exterior complete maintenance to full Di2 interior; and through front and rear axles.”

The framesets are available in two colours, Damson and Lichen, and are 70g lighter than the standard version of the Escapade.

2022 Kotec Escaped Reynolds 853 - 3

The tire kits are available to order for £999 with first deliveries in mid-October.

If you want a complete bike, go to Cotic’s YOUR BIKE DESIGNED FOR YOU to determine the specifications.

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RAFA unveils special toolkit to support breast cancer research

2022 Rapha One More City Collection - 1

Kristen O’Connell, a cyclist diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, has teamed up with Rapha to produce a new One More City range, and all profits from sales go toward funding research into advanced breast cancer led by the Institute of Cancer Research, London.

One More City Pro Team Training Shirts (£95) are available for both men and women. The set also includes socks, hat and music.

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Lumos Crushes Crowdfunding Target for Firefly Bike Lighting System

Lumos has completely destroyed a Kickstarter funding target for its Firefly bike lighting system. When we checked with 16 days left to run, she had pledges of £864,061 – more than 3,700% of her target.

2022 Lumos Firefly - 1

> Check out the Lumos indicator helmet range

Each Firefly carries red, yellow and white diodes so that they can act as either a front and rear light and/or a turn signal. It can act as a brake light.

If you have more than one Firefly you can sync flash, the idea is to make you more visible.

You need to pledge at least $38 (about £36) to be included to receive Lumos Firefly with universal mount and charging stand. Various other packages are available.

Go to Lumos Firefly Kickstarter Page For a video showing everything you need to know.

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BikeStow launches new stand

BikeStow has released a new bike mount called the Stance designed to “store and display the most beautiful bike in your home, apartment or office.”

2022 BikeStow Stance - 1

“The mount can be adjusted quickly and infinitely, which means it will keep your bike as tight or loose as you wish — more flexible if you want to make the bike easier to indoor and outdoor, and tighter if you prefer a sturdier fit,” says BikeStow.

It can accommodate wheels 20-29 inches and tires up to 4.8 inches (122 mm) wide.

2022 BikeStow Stance - 2

The Stance is CNC routered from birch plywood before being hand-finished, and it’s £69. We currently have one to review here on road.cc.

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