Discover smart phones at unbeatable prices this festive season

Discover smart phones at unbeatable prices this festive season

It is rare to find a person without a smartphone in his pocket because it has become a basic necessity to complete daily activities. Many of us include this tool in our habits for various reasons such as entertainment, information gathering, validation of our health, and more. These precious smartphones are now available at affordable prices this festive season as you can buy them from popular platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and more with exclusive deals and discounts.

No matter which brand you choose or the features you need for your activities, you can now get it at a budget-friendly price by purchasing the smartphone this festive season.

Top Rated Platforms Ready With Smartphone Deals For The Festive Season

Many platforms have already revealed their deals so that customers don’t miss out on the special rates they offer for an affordable shopping experience. Jessica He has listed some of the best running discounts available from various platforms for ease of purchase.

Amazon has set it all up with the Great Indian Festival, where you get the best deals on the latest smartphones. You can use these deals, including welcome offers, to make your smartphone purchase affordable. Additionally, you can jump into this within the minimum budget, as the bank offers instant cashback.

Flipkart is already in full swing by revealing special prices for the top model of smartphones. with the A billion big days Selling on Flipkart, you can get the exclusive price of just launched smartphones at unbelievable starting prices. The offers also include cell phones of luxury brands such as Apple and Samsung.

Popular smartphones you get in this festive sale at the best prices
iPhone 13

You can get the brand new iPhone on Flipkart for 49,999 rupees, including the banking offers you give on purchase. You can also find other 13 variants, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, at special prices with a discount of more than 30% with cashback offers on special bank cards. As you can see, the iPhone 13 comes with the A15 bionic chip, which is the latest processor launched by iOS. So, grab this deal and get the iPhone 13 in your hands at an affordable price.

Google Pixel 6A

Take advantage of the best Pixel series smartphone from Google right now at a special price starting at Rs 27,999. This smartphone version is included with Google Tensor, the best processor ever made that makes the phone run fast and fast.

Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge

Xiaomi is a famous brand that has been in India for years. The original price of the Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge is Rs. 26,000, but during the upcoming sale, you can get it at Rs. 22900. This smartphone has a Super AMOLED display with Mediatek 920 processor to make your daily use smooth.

Samsung S22 +

Samsung’s S series smartphones are among the top models from the brand that have an impressive design and performance. S 22+ models have a starting price of Rs. 69,999, but you can get it for Rs. 59999. These smartphones are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor which makes it one of the most powerful smartphones in the market.

Moto Edge 30 Ultra

Motorola is doing a commendable job in the smartphone market by launching stylish and powerful smartphones at affordable prices. Recently, it launched the Edge 30 Ultra at Rs. 59,999, but during the upcoming sales, it will be available at Rs. 54999. This smartphone is the world’s first smartphone with a 200MP camera.

Vivo T1 Pro 5G

If you want a smartphone that can play flawlessly without spending a lot of money, you can look forward to the VIVO T1 Pro 5G, which comes with a Snapdragon 778G processor. It was launched at Rs. 23,999, but in the upcoming sale, it will be available at Rs. 17,999, making it a must-have smartphone.


Festive sales from e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. is the best time to buy your favorite smartphone at discount prices. Before buying from any website, make sure to compare prices on different websites to increase your savings.

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