The persistent voices of a group can be very large, but you can silence those conversations.

Did you miss the home button or hate alerts? Stop annoying smartphone features

When it comes to consumer technology, there is a huge list of things that can drive us all to bananas.

Take the slow Wi-Fi. You can’t broadcast, you can’t join a video meeting, and that always happens at the worst of times. Tap or click for smart ways to speed up your home connection.

How about wading through thousands of photos in search of the one you want? Tap or click for a quick shortcut, along with four other clever tech fixes – Like a subtle way to know that a scammer is calling without picking up your phone.

Our smartphones help us get a lot done, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to take them out the window sometimes. Here are the top complaints I hear about and ways to fix them:

1. Screen brightness changes constantly

Apple’s Face ID does more than unlock your phone. It can also tell when you take care of your phone. If you look away, the screen dims, and your alert volume decreases, too.

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