Demand for iPhone 14 Pro has greatly exceeded Apple's expectations

Demand for iPhone 14 Pro has greatly exceeded Apple’s expectations

iPhone 14 Pro The demand was much higher than apple Expected, according to Trendforce data. It says the company’s orders for suppliers were initially for 50% of iPhone 14 of the two Pro models, but this has now been boosted to 60% – and it could be as high as 65%.

This appears to have been counterbalanced by the much lower demand for iPhone 14 PlusAnd, the company says, before moving on to talk about the tradeoffs we can expect for the iPhone 15 Pro over the base models…


All reports so far point to Strong demand for iPhone 14 Lineup, with the consensus that My Pro They are selling particularly well.

Apple has asked Foxconn to increase iPhone 14 Pro production by 10%, according to the latest survey by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This analysis comes after another report said that the Pro models were selling better than the regular versions.

This change is also evident in Apple Store availability, as iPhone 14 Pro models are not widely available and iPhone 14 stock is plentiful

The same reports indicate that the iPhone 14 Plus was the least popular model in the lineup.

Big demand for iPhone 14 Pro

Trendforce He takes a look at data from Apple’s supply chain to judge production ratios among the four models in this year’s lineup, and agrees that iPhone 14 Pro demand is much higher than Apple expected.

The Cupertino company initially asked its suppliers to own the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in total for 50% of production, but it seems to have increased that percentage to 60% since then.

The iPhone 14 Pro series has improved specifications, but unit prices are the same as last year’s models, making pre-orders for the Pro series very popular. […]

TrendForce indicates that the production ratio of the two iPhone 14 Pro series models has been increased from the initially planned 50% to 60% and it cannot be excluded that this percentage will continue to rise to 65% in the future.

The report corresponds to The opinion expressed by the reviewers: Anyone considering buying the base model iPhone 14 should think again.

There’s a very consistent feature of the base model for iPhone 14 reviews: It’s not good enough to justify paying $100 more than $699 (now) iPhone 13. If you want a new phone this year, spend more on the iPhone 14 Pro. In fact, among the early reviews, I discovered only one that didn’t boil down to this advice.

The company doesn’t expect Apple to remain immune to more cautious consumer spending, but it believes this won’t affect the company until the first quarter of 2023.

iPhone 15 Pro specifications

This year was the first time that Apple increased the differentiation between the Standard and Pro models by giving them different processors, which many took as a sign that the company plans to widen the gap between the Pro and base models over time.

Trendforce supports this offering, and expects a periscope lens to significantly increase optical zoom capability to be one of the key factors in iPhone 15 Pro, and may be exclusive to Pro Max.

In terms of specs, in addition to a massive switch from Lightning connectors to the already known Type C, chances are high that the Pro Series will feature a memory upgrade to 8GB to match its new processor and continue camera specification improvements including an upgrade of the main camera to 8P and the use of a periscope lens in Pro Max model.

“8P” here is an indication of the number of elements in the lens. There are pros and cons to adding elements to a lens, but when a manufacturer takes an existing lens design and adds elements, this is generally done to reduce distortion, which is especially important in wide-angle lenses.

We have previously explained how the periscope lens can be used Allows a much higher optical zoom range than conventional lenses. I expect that the first iPhone with a periscope lens will offer up to 10x optical zoom.

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