Delete these Ad-Trolling apps from your Android device now

Delete these Ad-Trolling apps from your Android device now

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sand others from malicious Applications infect Android Devices are everywhereWhich means it’s time to make sure you didn’t A file has been downloaded them – but This batch is a little different from the usual crop.

According to the post McAfee blog postand Internet researchers A security company has discovered a malicious “click” ad hidden in at least 16 applications pretending to be useful software, from QR code scanners, to me travel tools and more. While not as dangerous as other forms of malware, these apps can be a burden on resources, slowing down phone hardware performance and draining battery life in pursuit of maximum ad revenue..

What do they do?

The complete list of applications includes thirteen lists of English titles:

  • Busan Bus (com.kmshack.BusanBus)
  • Currency Converter (com.smartwho.SmartCurrencyConverter)
  • EzDica (com.joysoft.ezdica)
  • EzNotes (com.meek.tingboard)
  • Flashlight + (com.candlencom.candleprotest)
  • Flashlight + (
  • Flashlight + (kr.caramel.flash_plus)
  • High Speed ​​Camera (com.hantor.CozyCamera)
  • Instagram Profile Downloader (com.schedulezero.instapp)
  • Joycode (com.joysoft.barcode)
  • K Dictionary (com.joysoft.wordBook)
  • Quick Note (com.movinapp.quicknote)
  • Smart Task Manager (com.james.SmartTaskManager)

Three apps with Korean titles were also part of the McAfee report.

Unlike other malware, which Seeks to steal your data or defraud your bank account, tap device found by McAfee uses Android device resources to “crawl” ads at any time Offending applications are open in the background. Basically, the app clicks on ads without your knowledge. Doing so earns app makers Ad revenue at the expense of your phone’s performance and battery life.

What should you do about these apps?

Check to make sure you haven’t installed any of the The above applications. if You have it, delete it immediately. Google has Removed them from the Play Store, but they are still active on some phones, especially if you side-load them or install them with Third Party App Store. No other steps are required to keep your devices or data safe. Once removed, hardware issues should stop.

However, even though adware like this is relatively benign compared to more dangerous forms of malware like spyware or ransomware, you should still take steps to prevent your devices from getting infected. Best practices for keeping adware off your device are the same as for any other form of malware: just download apps from trusted publishers and official app stores, thoroughly scan any software before downloading, and pay attention to the permissions the app requests.

In this case, there were some pretty clear signs that the apps were either fake and/or malware – specifically their functionality. A good test to see if an app is a potential scam is whether it promises features that are too good to be true (like “Instagram profile download”), or redundant (like many of the “Flashlite+” apps mentioned above). All Android devices already You have a built-in flashlight, camera, and note-taking apps. Your stock camera app works as a QR code scanner as well. Similarly, Google Translate is an efficient and comprehensive translation and dictionary tool, Google Search acts as a dictionary and can solve any currency conversion equations instantly. You do not need to download applications that perform these functions.


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