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Daily Authority: 🚴 The ultimate e-bike test

Scott Brown/Android Authority

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The traditional electric bike rider

RadPower RadCity 5 Plus with Rider

Scott Brown/Android Authority

We’re looking at something equally active today. AA’s Scott Brown is an avid cyclist who recently joined the e-bike Mad. This segment is showing explosive growth in some regions of the world and is slowly picking up pace in the United States. But is the transition from a traditional bike to an e-bike easy and, more importantly, worth it? He answered those questions in a Weekend feature.

The hardest decision

  • There are plenty of options on the market, but because there was a store nearby, Scott chose the Rad Power model.
  • At first, he wanted a bike that looked and functioned like a conventional bike, but it’s not always easy to find one.
  • E-bikes can be a lot heavier and bulkier due to the batteries and drivetrain.
  • This means letting go of any preconceived notions about traditional bicycles when Buying an e-bike.
  • In the end, he settled on the Rad City 5 Plus, even though it wasn’t like riding a regular bike.
  • “I figured if I was going to stick to an e-bike, I needed to let go of my attachment to the traditional cycling experience.”


  • If you buy an e-bike online, you will have to assemble it yourself. In Scott’s case, it took about 90 minutes to complete.
  • However, if you live near a showroom, you should be able to purchase an e-bike fully assembled.
  • Riding it is much simpler.
  • There are two types of payment on an e-bike. There is power on demand, which mimics the traditional throttle you’d find in scooterand PAS, or Pedal Assist System.
  • The latter uses battery power to make pedaling easier, and Scott felt this was perfect for city riding, even turning it off when going downhill.
  • The higher settings are great for climbing hills without breaking a lot of sweat.
  • Due to the e-bike’s heavier frame, getting it off the line quickly by simply pedaling would be a challenge. This is where the throttle comes in.
  • “From a dead stop, pulling the throttle gets me through an intersection without any of the drivers’ complaining.”
  • This might be confusing for long time cyclists, but C.K. Scott got used to it in his two-week test.
  • Then there is the battery life. It has covered between 27 and 58 miles on a single charge, while a single charge takes eight hours.
  • Most importantly, owners will need to practice regular maintenance.

Should you buy one?

  • It depends on what you want.
  • Jim Scott notes E-bike riding More like a trimmed-down car than a folded bike.
  • “For that reason, basically, I think buyers should think of an e-bike like the Rad Power Rad City 5 Plus as an alternative to a car rather than a bike replacement.”
  • Riding an e-bike isn’t fun, but it’s much more environmentally friendly than a car and arguably more practical in town than riding a bicycle.
  • However, if you are considering purchasing a vehicle, consider getting an e-bike first.
  • “If you use a car to get around, at least some of those car trips might be riding an e-bike instead.”
  • Just don’t expect an e-bike to replace your actual bike.
  • “It’s a new mode of transportation—and very useful—but if you buy one looking for a cycling experience, you won’t find it.”

Monday meme

Now a little nostalgic…

Monday meme Daily Authority November 28, 2022

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