Make music for free: best free apps for making music on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC

Create Music for Free: Best Free Music Creation Apps on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC

Today, many music producers start their journey by recording music and making beats using free music making apps.

To tell the truth, there are so many choices of free music making apps that it can be hard to decide which is right for you. Well, we have narrowed down the list to 5 of the best apps for creating beats, Play with MIDIAnd the Audio Recording.

Industry standard DAWs like Cubase, Ableton, and FL Studio are very expensive. While some tier the cost and offer different levels of functionality, these free music production apps for mobile and PC give you all the functionality you’ll need to start making music.

These free apps will allow you to create your own music easily. We’ve included beat making apps for PC and Android, online audio platforms where you can create music without paying a penny, and one infamous music making app for Mac and iOS. As you can see, we really covered all the bases…

So let’s dig in and talk about the best apps where you can make music for free.

1. Roland – Zentracker – Best overall free music making app

Roland’s Zentracker is our favorite free music making app available for both iOS and Android.

Zentracker is our favorite free music making app for mobile for many reasons. First, you can work with audio and MIDI. Secondly, Zentracker allows you to insert new recordings over a portion of old recordings during playback in addition to the standard recording. Third, Zentracker gives you an unlimited number of audio channels!

You can connect two effects simultaneously on each channel, and each channel has two transmitters as well. Furthermore, Zentracker uses a “freeze track” function that turns everything into audio. As a result, you can keep creating even if your phone’s processor starts to run slowly.

The free version gives you Zentracker Compressor, Reverb, EQ, Delay, Chorus, Flanger and Auto Wah! And Roland gives you 200 samples on board with the free version, too. With that said, some effects require payment

Finally, Zentracker uses intuitive automation and allows you to collaborate with fellow artists on the same project in different locations.

2. Garageband (iOS and Mac) – Best music making app for Mac and iOS

GarageBand comes with every iPhone, iPad, and Mac and is a Great app to make it easy for free. In fact, it is an entry-level DAW whose workflow is based on Apple Logic Pro’s flagship digital DAW workstation.

Garageband is a free app that’s easy to get started with. It comes with professional samplers for all kinds of instrument, loop, and other sample presets, and you can record your own audio and insert it into audio tracks within Garageband, too.

You’ll find 32 soundtracks, sequencers, a live loop DJ feature, and more in this free iOS music-making app. A simple set of controls makes producing and recording music a breeze.

3. Cakewalk – BandLab – The best music making app for Android, Chromebook and PC

Bandlab is a free music creation app for iPhone, Mac, Android, Chromebook and PC. It features 120 professional tools, and you can also connect your own devices.

While DAWs like Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro will give you a plethora of features for a hefty price tag, BandlLab Cakewalk will give you many of the same features for free. Indeed, seasoned producers and artists might find something of value.

Moreover, Audio or MIDI Channels features some very powerful plug-ins. For example, you’ll find an equalizer, compressor, tube saturation simulator, and a selection of controllers. But you can add additional effects like echo, tape emulation, and more.

Even better, you can access the projects you make on the BandLab mobile app on the desktop software too!

4. Spotify – Soundtrap – The best beat maker online

In the same way as BandLap and Zentracker, Soundtrap is also available for iOS and Android devices. Created by Spotify, Soundtrap works on both your phone and tablet and computer.

As a result, Soundtrap is the best beat making app for iPhone and Android, as well as Mac and Windows computers! Soundtrap is feature-packed with a smooth workflow, which is why it is one of the best podcast workstations out there.

Soundtrap features AutoTune effects, automation capabilities, and over 4,000 professional-quality samples and presets for you to use however you like. In addition, Soundtrap gives you a set of virtual instruments, loops, and one-ups, and you can record your own audio as well.

As far as collaboration is concerned, Soundtrap provides a space for collaboration between friends and fellow artists. Soundtrap allows you to watch the featured tutorials once you sign up, so you definitely won’t get lost and can get stuck in quickly. It is very easy to find your way thanks to its user-friendly interface.

However, some effects require you to pay like Zentracker. However, Soundtrap is a great tool for instantly recording any ideas!

5. Roland – Zenbeats – The best rhythm app for iPhone and Android

Finally, Zenbeats is another free Roland music making app for Android and iOS. Like Zentracker, its interface and workflow will keep you in your creative zone.

In fact, Zenbeats’ main selling point is that they’re built around an old collection of new and classic Roland sounds! Zentracker is easy to use and encapsulates Roland’s history of audio creation.

Ultimately, Zenbeats turns Roland’s history into an accessible beat-making app. You’ll find loads of presets, samples, and creative tools that will blow your creative palette skyward. You can also buy hip hop sample packs and electronic samples in the app as well.

Zenbeats lets you record across multiple tracks, generate ideas, and transfer stems to a live digital work platform. Playing with Roland synths is a favorite pastime for many producers, and Zenbeats provide a generation of them.

Final thoughts

Now that you have your free software, it’s time to get to know your choice of free DAW app/app so you can record your songs and listen to your beats.

But the free gifts don’t stop there! Developers are constantly offering free instrument and effect plug-ins for PC and Mac, and you can find The best free virtual tools are here.

Tell us which free music production app you chose in the comments and tell us what you think about it!

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