Counterpoint, TECNO, MediaTek and Forbes discuss smartphone trends towards excellence and the technologies behind them

Counterpoint, TECNO, MediaTek and Forbes discuss smartphone trends towards excellence and the technologies behind them

  • Counterpoint Research, TECNO, MediaTek, and Forbes to discuss the push for premium smartphones at webinar to be broadcast on November 22
  • The shift to the top is being driven by emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, where consumers are willing to pay more for feature sets only available on premium devices just a few years ago.
  • Availability and integration with chipsets like MediaTek Dimensity 9000 5G helps OEMs like TECNO to enter the premium battle by launching Phantom X2 soon.
  • The new flagship camera experience supports TECNO’s push for the better

London, Jakarta, New Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Seoul, Boston – November 17, 2022

Counterpoint Research, TECNO, MediaTek and Forbes discuss trends highlighting the shift towards more premium smartphone features and segments in a webinar titled Drive for Excellence: Changing Smartphone Preferences and the Technologies Behind ThemIt airs on Tuesday, November 22 at 7pm Jakarta time (12pm London, 8pm Beijing). Register over here And also receive the accompanying report of Brand Story: The Rise of TECNO.

Over the past five years, the smartphone market has been evolving towards more premium offerings, fueled by technological advances across different components and consumers’ willingness to pay more for their devices – especially in emerging markets.

There are two main areas:

1) Cameras, which now usually have three or four lenses to overcome smartphone size limitations, and

2) SoC processor speeds, which continue to rise to power the AI ​​algorithms that today’s complex imaging systems require.

Upscaling: Camera Systems and SoCs

Source: Counterpoint Research Global Smartphone Sales Tracker.

“The usual momentum of technology drives things up, and that’s why we get better cameras, longer battery life, more storage, faster phones and the like. And although average smartphone selling prices (ASPs) are increasing, it’s not commensurate with experiences. improvements that are being offered,” notes Tarun Pathak, Director of Smartphone Research at Counterpoint. Interestingly, consumers in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America are helping ASPs rise more quickly than the global average, with large segments of smart users upgrading to their second or third device. In Southeast Asia, the average has risen Service rates are up 15% annually over the past three years, while Latin America also experienced double digit year-on-year growth last year.

“TECNO is moving regionally to ride this wave of growth, and it was central to that expanding our portfolio to include more premium products and offering some really great cameras to our customers,” says Jimmy Hsu, Associate Director of Image R&D Center at TECNO. “The icing on the cake is the flagship Phantom X2 that ships with the Dimensity 9000 5G, which takes up one of the holy grails of smartphone photography — great night shots.”

Before & After: MediaTek Dimensity 9000 5G & Utra-Fast Night Scene Algorithm

Source: photo on the left taken with a smartphone xxx; The right image is on TECNO Phantom X2.

Imaging has become an essential feature differentiating OEMs in all regions, and chipmakers such as MediaTek provide the engines needed to meet the massive computational demands of today’s most advanced camera systems.

MediaTek’s managing director for India, Anku Jain, acknowledges the critical place SoC makers hold in helping smartphone players deliver. “The MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ is one of the fastest 5G smartphone chipsets ever, and we are working closely with local OEMs to enable amazing customer experiences.”

Technology innovation and integration has always been a cornerstone of OEM smartphone strategy, helping them expand regionally and across their respective portfolios. TECNO has been no exception, branching out into new categories such as wearables, tablets, laptops, and more across its range of high-end smartphones.

Forbes Editor-in-Chief, Russell Flannery, sees smartphones as continuing their inevitable push forward, noting, “Looking into the future, smartphone features are likely to continue to evolve and improve through improved safety and security, more diverse sizes and shapes, and the advent of New features and interfaces, more efficient power consumption.

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