Counterpoint Research, TECNO, MediaTek experts and Forbes Editor-in-Chief to provide perspectives on the evolution of premium smartphones

Counterpoint Research, TECNO, MediaTek experts and Forbes Editor-in-Chief to provide perspectives on the evolution of premium smartphones

Hosted by Counterpoint Research, the upcoming webinar will feature keynote speakers from TECNO, MediaTek, and Forbes Magazine to discuss the forces and opportunities affecting current smartphone trends. At the same time, the Advanced Industry White Paper, which showcases the drivers of smartphone innovation, including technology migrations, will be published globally.

LondonAnd the November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Organized by Counterpoint Research, At-Large Editor of Forbes and experts from TECNO, MediaTek will join Counterpoint Research’s Chief Analyst to speak at a webinar on November 22 in 12 pm London (1 p.m AbujaAnd the 8 p.m ManilaAnd the 7 am BogotaAnd the 3 p.m NairobiAnd the 5:30 p.m New DelhiAnd the 3 p.m AnkaraAnd the 3 p.m Riyadh). They will collectively provide insights into the ongoing evolution of cutting-edge smartphone technology with global and continental insights.

The webinar will address the impacts and technological underpinnings of smartphone trends 2023-2024 towards excellence as well as expanding on leading technology, under the premise, Pushing for Excellence: Changing Smartphone Preferences and the Technology Behind Them.

The webinar, which he will host Peter Richardson, Vice President of Counterpoint Research, featuring keynotes from TECNO, a rising new player in the high-end market, Counterpoint Research, a major chip supplier MediaTek, and Forbes magazine, a global media powerhouse. They will discuss the major trends affecting the industry and shifting consumer preferences for more high-end technological experiences. The speakers will also provide a preview of the new developments that can be expected in the field of smartphones, and offer their expert perspectives as the leading giants in their respective fields.

The webinar comes at a time when the technological demands of both smartphone manufacturers and users are growing rapidly with emerging markets becoming a major driving force for premium growth. The pursuit of cutting-edge software combined with custom smartphone exterior designs also underscores the desire of modern-day users for exceptionally sharp, smooth, and premium experiences.

A live, open discussion and Q&A session will be arranged during the webinar to cover the most pressing questions. Smartphone and technology enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to the webinar.

For those interested in joining the webinar, please register using the link providedso over here.

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