Our Top 5 Android and iOS Apps of the Week

Check it out: Our Top 5 Android and iOS Apps of the Week

From mobile games to productivity apps, here are five free and paid Android/iOS apps from NextPit this week. We publish this selection every week, and you can also check out the 5 best apps of the past week. This week, you won’t only be able to figure out how to do it Remember things betterbut you can also let your hair fall out during the weekend to bring peace to the world of Traum UNDEEMBER.

Brain Bump (iOS and Android)

You don’t have to be a student or someone currently working on a PhD to benefit from better memory retention, and Brain Bump is here to help you. This unique Edecation app attempts to “solve” what most of us are experiencing – quickly forget something we’ve read in a book or heard on a podcast. How does Brain Bump do the seemingly impossible?

For starters, it understands that such memory lapses occur, and it takes the main ideas from the available content and delivers them to the user so that those ideas remain fresh in their minds. In fact, the app claims that as little as two seconds a day is enough to work its magic. I tried it while currently doing a theology course, and I must say it works brilliantly in helping me remember the trivia I would normally send to my bloated brain.

By integrating the basic functions of the book summary app, flashcard app, and daily affirmation app, the app will get highlights of the content and present to you. You don’t have to go through the hassle of starting the app, since passive learning happens when push notifications happen. This app supports content from a variety of channels: books, blogs, podcasts, chapters, and talks. Although it isn’t the most visually appealing app, it does what it’s supposed to be very well.

  • price: free / Advertising: no one In-app purchases: no one / the account: not required
Top 5 Apps of the Week: Brain Bump

Did you know that it only takes two seconds a day to better memorize what you’ve read? / © NextPit

Screen Recorder – Electronic Recorder (Android)

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had at least one experience where we’ve had an older friend or family member ask, “How do I use this app?” Giving instructions verbally without any visual aid can quickly provoke indignation, so you know what they say – “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” Why not get a video to help them?

The thing is that there is no native screen recording app on your Android smartphone, so here is the Screen Recorder – eRecorder app that we hope will be able to help you be the most loved app troubleshooter in the family, instantly putting you ahead of inheritance The property of the previous generation when the time comes.

This simple tool is useful for recording everything on screen for games as well as live shows, lessons and tutorials. You’ll be able to record up to Full HD (1080p) resolution at 60fps, although I’m irritated by the number of ads interrupting the workflow. In fact, running the app itself will actually serve up an ad. To get rid of the ads, I highly recommend paying the one-time fee of $4.99, as you’ll also benefit from the improved workflow.

Screen Recorder provides basic functions such as video trimming, allowing you to remove side and middle sections, and adding an audio clip for additional effect. Audio can be recorded from internal audio files or external audio files, with the option to include an audio track available on your device in the recorded video.

You can also confirm your point with facecam while recording, allowing you to share pointers and ideas while showing you how to do it. Very neat for creators, but please pay to remove ads if you really want to get productive with this!

  • price: free / Advertising: yes In-app purchases: yes / the account: not required
Top 5 Apps of the Week: Screen Recorder - Electronic Recorder

Now here’s a great way to create app tutorial videos… / © NextPit

Worldwide Walkie-Talkie (Android)

Do you know when to travel in a caravan or outdoors with family and/or friends? While I know that calling each other is pretty much free these days, there is a sense of adventure when one takes the walkie-talkie as their primary communication device. The Worldwide Walkie Talkie app does just that, introducing a legacy communication tool into the modern smartphone. Now, you can chat with friends and family all over the world from your smartphone!

There are 32 different channels to cycle through, and their use is pretty much the same – you press the default button to record your message (after making sure you’re on the correct channel with someone else, of course), and release it after you’ve recorded a message to make it transfer.

It works as long as there’s an internet connection, and you also have the feature to replay previous messages through the app – something a traditional walkie-talkie doesn’t.

Being free to use, there is a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen, but it does not detract from the user experience in any way. While the graphics look fairly simple, it works as intended, so I don’t have much to complain about.

This is the perfect app to install on an old and unwanted Android device, using it as a tool to connect with others around the house just because you can. While it’s not limited in range, it’s limited in having an internet connection, so this isn’t something you’ll want to bring with you to the great outdoors.

  • price: free / Advertising : yes In-app purchases: no one / the account: not required
Top 5 apps of the week: Walkie-Talkie around the world

Do you think you’re smart and all that? Give this game … crack! / © NextPit

TouchRetouch (iOS and Android)

As the name suggests, TouchRetouch only focuses on removing unwanted objects from any photo. This works much better than other more expensive software and apps. Of course, TouchRetouch is able to work well with general photos, but if you have a really complex photo from which you want to remove various objects, then it will be more convenient to use professional desktop programs.

I took a picture of a luxury hotel lounge from above, and removed some items on a chair, but instead there was a cluttered mess that looked very obvious. Prove that other items such as a lamp on a table are in the application alley.

This app is perfect for photo retouching as annoying power lines seem to interrupt the flow of beautiful clear sky during the day. Note that there is no free version, and the asking price of $3.99 is a small fee to pay to get more interesting and cleaner images for your social media.

Aside from removing grids, you can also retouch fonts and perform pixel-to-pixel cloning, perfect for removing artifacts or fixing any kind of background distortion. Here’s a tip about the hat: You can use this app to remove watermarks from other photos, so what about that?

In fact, TouchRetouch is so good that we rated it as one of the best photo editing apps for Android! If you’re interested in other alternatives, check out our list of the best photo editing apps here.

  • price: 3.99 USD / Advertising : no one In-app purchases: no one / the account: not required
Top 5 apps of the week: Walkie-Talkie around the world

TouchRetouch helps beautify your photos like magic! / © NextPit

Undecember (iOS and Android)

If you’re sick and tired of games that don’t inspire you or your pulse quickens, maybe it’s time to drop everything you’re doing right now and download Undecember. This is an action RPG title currently available on both iOS and Android platforms, and I can’t stress how much joy I felt when it took me back to the days when Diablo II on PC was the bombshell.

Featuring a hack and slash combat system, you’ll be amazed at the graphics on your mobile screen, so perhaps now is the time to upgrade your smartphone to a flagship if you’ve been looking for an excuse all this time.

You will be wearing the Rune Hunter boot in a world known as Traum. The shock was the making of dozens of Gods who were living in harmony. Fortunately, the thirteenth deity—Serpenes (how appropriate)—has appeared and begins to wreak havoc and confusion everywhere. It is now up to you, the rune hunter, to bring peace and order to the world.

The 12 Gods have left runes behind in their quest to rid the Serpens, but that doesn’t mean the danger is over as Serpen creatures are still roaming around, exuding their brand of evil.

Fast-paced combat, you’ll use Skill Runes and Gear to develop a unique character that you call your own. There are no personal classes to work with here, allowing you to work with the flow. In short, the possibilities are nearly endless as there are over 100 skill runes to collect, each of which can be modified and upgraded, and I didn’t even get the amount of gear available.

Taking a sheet of Final Fantasy tactics, there is a zodiac system that works in conjunction with your character traits and passive skills. There are 10 acts in total at the start, with a large selection of challenging modes to choose from.

The initial download size is around 700MB, but upon installation, you will have to choose one of the 3 available servers, a massive 4GB+ download is required before you go down and get dirty to free the world from evil tyranny.

There are in-app purchases that you can buy if you want to go through the game at a faster pace, but you can still have a good time if you’re a cheap bastard like me. Best of all, you need one FLOOR account to play on PC as well as on your mobile device!

  • price: Free (iOS and Android) / Advertising: no one / In-app purchases: yes / the account: wanted

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