Canalys Newsroom – Canalys: Global smartphone market down 9% as consumers cut back on spending

In the third quarter of 2022, the global smartphone market recorded its third consecutive decline this year, declining 9% year-on-year, marking the worst quarter since 2014. The bleak economic outlook has caused consumers to delay buying electronic devices and prioritizing spending other basic. This is likely to continue to dampen the smartphone market for the next six to nine months. Samsung retained its leading position with a market share of 22% driven by big promotions to reduce channel inventory. Apple was the only seller in the top five to report positive growth, improving its market position with an 18% share during the market downturn thanks to relatively resilient demand for iPhones. While Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo continued a cautious approach to overseas expansion due to the uncertainty in the domestic market, they held global market shares of 14%, 10% and 9%, respectively.

“The smartphone market is highly reactive to consumer demand and sellers are quickly adapting to tough business conditions,” said Canalys analyst Amber Liu. For most sellers, the priority is to reduce the risk of inventory formation due to deteriorating demand. Sellers had large stocks in July, but sales gradually improved from September due to strong discounts and promotions. The pricing strategy for new products is carefully crafted, even for Apple, to avoid significant opposition from consumers who now tend to be very sensitive to any price hikes,” added Liu.


“As demand shows no signs of improving in the fourth quarter and first half of 2023, sellers should work on prudent production forecasts with the supply chain while working closely with the channel to stabilize market share,” said Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia. “As the sales season enters, consumers delaying purchases are anticipating deep discounts and bundle promotions as well as significant price cuts on older generation devices. Compared to the previous year’s strong demand period, a slow but steady festive sale is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022 However, it would be too early to see the upcoming fourth quarter as a real turning point for the market’s recovery.

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Canalys Primary Smartphone Market Pulse: Q3 2022


Q3 2021 market share

Q3 2022 Market Share



















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Note: Total percentages may not reach 100% due to rounding
Note: OnePlus is included in OPPO shipments
Source: Canalys estimates (sales shipments), smartphone analysis, October 2022

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