Business Highlights: Musk's Impersonators and the iPhone Delay

Business Highlights: Musk’s Impersonators and the iPhone Delay

BOSTON (AP) – Elon Musk says Twitter will permanently suspend any account that impersonates another. The social media platform’s new owner issued the warning Sunday after some celebrities changed their Twitter display names – not their account names – to “Elon Musk” in response to the billionaire’s decision to offer verified accounts to all comers for $8. Comedian Kathy Griffin’s account was suspended on Sunday for switching her display name to Musk. Actress Valerie Bertinelli did the same before bringing him back to her real name. But she first posted a series of tweets in support of the Democratic candidates.


Walgreens Push to Universal Sponsorship Captures Momentum

Walgreens expanded its push toward more comprehensive health care with its VillageMD unit acquiring another urgent and primary care chain, Summit Health-CityMD, in a deal approaching $9 billion. Rival Walgreens and CVS, two retail chains with thousands of locations, have evolved in recent years with a greater focus on comprehensive customer care, in an effort to help them avoid chronic health conditions and expensive hospital stays. The VillageMD-CityMD combination deal came just two months after CVS Health announced it would pay about $8 billion to acquire Signify Health, a technology company that sends doctors and other caregivers into people’s homes.

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