Burts 22 hour passwords, ExpressVPN

Burts 22 hour passwords, ExpressVPN

Privacy and security company ExpressVPN has revealed some amazing insights into the daily password habits of people in the UK.

The ExpressVPN study It surveyed 2,000 people in the United States, as well as the same number in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. It has revealed some of the most dubious password habits here in the UK, but also how much time is wasted in order to reset passwords.

for example ExpressVPN I found that Brits change their passwords often – and that could have security implications.

time drain

In fact, the study found that 1 in 10 Britons change their passwords once a day, while 1 in 5 change their passwords once a week.

This means that the average Brit spends almost a whole day every year changing passwords!

Although it may seem like a reasonable security precaution, experts warn that changing passwords frequently can actually put them at greater risk, as passwords often become Easier to hack through constant changes.

And it’s not like people enjoy doing password resets either.

In fact, 33 per cent of Brits say changing passwords is the most annoying thing in their life – even more annoying than losing their keys.

So how much time do Brits actually waste changing passwords?

Well, according to an ExpressVPN study, it takes Brits an average of three minutes and 45 seconds to reset a single password.

While half of the UK has to change passwords at least once a month (50 percent), 23 percent claim they reset a password at least once a week.

Surprisingly, 10 percent of UK respondents admitted to changing passwords at least once a day, which means these people spend 26 minutes 36 seconds each week resetting their passwords, which adds up to 22 hours every general!

Password abort

Passwords are of course a daily burden for almost all people nowadays, as services (banking, shopping, etc.) become increasingly online, along with the growing number of online entertainment activities (video streaming, music, games, social networking, etc.).

Without proper organization, it can be impossible to remember every password, and this adds to the frustration when people can’t remember the correct login and password.

In fact, for one in ten people in the UK, frustration with passwords has become so severe that they cancel a purchase from an online retailer because they forgot their passwords and didn’t want to reset them (12 percent) – an ExpressVPN study found.

Another two-thirds of people in the UK have been locked out of an account because they forgot their password.

The reasons for having to constantly change passwords seem to vary.

One in ten respondents to an ExpressVPN study revealed that they usually change their passwords because they are in a hurry to access a site (16 percent).

A third of them believe there is nothing they can do to avoid resetting their passwords (29 percent), while 40 percent believe that changing passwords is a normal part of everyday life.

“We all wish we had more time in our lives now and then,” said Harold Lee, Vice President at ExpressVPN. “But rather than trying to embrace more productivity hacks, it seems like the place we should be trying to win back is the time it takes to reset our passwords.”

Harold Lee. Image credit ExpressVPN

“Three minutes and 45 seconds to reset a password may seem insignificant, but it adds up quickly when you consider how often people are forced through this process, either because they forgot a password or the password has expired,” Lee added.

“The need for passwords as part of our digital lives isn’t going away anytime soon, which means many people go through a never-ending cycle of resetting passwords,” Lee continued,

“The best way to break this forget-and-reset cycle is to use a password manager,” Lee concluded. “Instead of remembering hundreds of different account logins, you only need to remember one, which means you significantly reduce that wasted time in a safe and convenient way.”

questionable habits

Password managers will also help avoid some of the questionable habits surrounding password resets.

For example, not everyone can navigate a password reset on their own, with 34 percent of respondents in the UK needing to seek help resetting a password, either from customer services (13.1 percent) or by turning to family for help. assistance (12.9 percent).

This need for customer services can be explained after ExpressVPN discovered that 67.8 percent of Britons had been locked out of an account for typing an incorrect password.

Fortunately, security questions seem to save the day, as more than three-quarters of people (76 percent) are confident that they will answer a security question correctly during the password reset process.

But even completing the password reset process raised some concerns.

While 40 percent of UK respondents choose to manually create a new, unique password, only 10 percent admit to manually reusing passwords from other accounts.

Security experts have long advised people to create unique passwords for each online account, as is password reuse Significantly increases the risk of exposure to cybercrime.

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