Bitdefender provides real-time chat protection for Android

Bitdefender provides real-time chat protection for Android

Security vendor Bitdefender has enhanced its Bitdefender Mobile Security product for Android with the addition of real-time chat protection across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Discord.

According to the company, the new feature immediately alerts users if malicious links are received or sent during live sessions, helping to protect users from an increase in cybercriminal activities targeting mobile devices.

Now part of Bitdefender’s fraud alert technology, Chat Protection constantly monitors chat sessions to alert users of suspicious links that may attempt to steal financial data, credentials, and other sensitive information.

These alerts provide a suggested course of action and, if a warning is ignored, web protection technologies are included Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Prevent the malicious page from opening.

But it’s not just suspicious links that trigger alerts: Phishing attempts based on human curiosity, urgency, and impersonation are being identified, according to Bitdefender.

The company says malware and hoaxes sent via instant messaging apps and SMS messages remain one of the top threats to mobile users in 2022.

“Mobile threats continue to increase, and cybercriminals have evolved beyond email-based phishing attacks to include SMS (smishing) and popular instant messaging applications,” said Cyprien Eastrat, Senior Vice President of Operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender.

“With the new capabilities in Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, users can rest and chat securely knowing they have powerful, real-time protection against malware, malicious links, and scams across their Android devices.”

The latest version of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android including chat protection is available immediately for new and existing customers. Licenses ($23.34) can be purchased from The application can be downloaded from google apps.

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