Best rhythm games on Android in 2022

Sometimes we need a break from a long RPG series or even a time-consuming MMO which drains our phone battery. Our favorite Android game phones require a wide variety of games in our library, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to add some rhythm games to the mix. After all, mobile is the perfect platform for quick gaming sessions when it comes to rhythm games; No need to set up music game accessories in the family room to fix the beat when you can do it all with your phone and your hands for a similar experience. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best rhythm games that you can find on Android, which offer good gameplay for all the finger tapping exercises you are about to do.



Deemo doesn’t just offer an amazing rhythm game – it brings an emotionally touching fairy tale into the modern era offering a warm story centered around Deemo and Alice. It will follow Deemo, a shadowy, mysterious character trying to help Alice, a young girl who mysteriously appears in the sky and cannot find her way home. Deemo is a story-centered rhythm game that can be played offline; You will play through story mode to unlock additional songs composed thematically by beautiful piano playing. The focus on piano music will surely make appreciative pianists not want to miss this charming favorite.


Arcaea is a visually stunning experience with engaging gameplay that you won’t find in other rhythm games, such as being able to hit sky notes and arcs in your gaming sessions. You have the option to play offline, or you can set yourself to play online multiplayer, so there’s something in the cards for everyone; The story is great for a rhythm game (considering that most don’t offer a strong focus on narrative and world building), but if you want to get the updated story, you’ll have to shell out a few bucks to buy more packs. But fortunately, the majority of the content is found inside the free package offered. Arcaea is a very polished rhythm game that is aesthetically pleasing and well worth a shot.


Please note that Lanota free download is only a trial version, so if you are planning to play this game completely free of charge, it may not be for you. However, the price does not outweigh how good the Lanota game is. Lanota is best described as an illustrated storybook that uses rhythmic gameplay to draw the story. In Lanota, the world turns monochromatic (from exhaustion of colors and songs), and to get those colors back you need to play through many levels of songs. Lanota adds its turn to rhythmic gameplay: you won’t play the waiting game and interact with the notes as they appear on the screen. Instead, you are restricted to using a circular compass as each tone can land and rotate in any direction within the circle. Lanota is really artistic in storytelling, but you’ll have to pay a premium if you want the whole experience.

fire and ice dance

Many rhythm games gravitate towards the animation style, but at the end of the day, you might be in the market for a simpler rhythm game without all that visual gravy getting in the way. The dance of fire and ice is exactly that; The game will see you lead two planets spinning in a path in perfect balance, but this time you rely on the audio cues over the visuals to set that rhythm just right. The game may have simple controls, but it is definitely a challenge for the rhythm lovers.


Now, if you’re in the mood to enjoy modern day music and all-time classics, Beatstar has got you covered. Beatstar’s layout looks starkly similar to Guitar Hero/Rockband, but instead of a gadget in your hand, you’ll tap your device’s screen. You are required to be online to play, but you can use the app to challenge your friend’s score and brag about your place in the leaderboards since they are always online. Beatstar is the perfect rhythm game to break the ice in your social activities to bring back the good old days of playing party games in the living room, considering everyone has a phone ready to play, of course! Let’s see who can get the highest score first!

second juice

The same team that released Deemo, Voez, and the first Cytus, all popular rhythm games found on Android, worked on Cytus II, Cytus’ spiritual successor. Cytus II is a visually driven story rhythm game that sharpens the narrative and gameplay. More than 100 songs and 300 charts are available to play with a range of difficulties. So if you’re a big fan of beauty and don’t mind the bare story, give Cytus II a chance; You can also get it for free with Google Play Pass.

Musa Dash

You might enjoy music in rhythm games, but tapping on screens of visual artwork or playing through an abstract story doesn’t strike a chord with you. What do you think about a side hustler/parkour player going through while jamming out some high-energy Japanese tunes? If yes, then we recommend Muse Dash. It’s charming and full of vivid color, and the pace ensures you don’t take your hands off the screen.

NecroDancer crypt

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix roguelike elements into a rhythm game? Now you can stop wondering how this concoction came about because Crypt of the NecroDancer is here to provide a taste-testing experience. In Crypt of the NecroDancer, the power is in the music, and it will push you to the limits if you want to see the light of day in those ultimate levels. Featured music is from Danny Baranowsky’s great soundtrack, but if that’s not enough, you can choose songs from your personal collection. Do you have what it takes to go with the rhythm to beat your enemies?

Click on the beat

There is something about rhythm games that strike differently than other genres; Focus on catchy melodies, level progression to improve your scores in a level or song, and even the fun social aspect of completing levels/songs before your friends. Rhythm games add a whole new layer of fun, and we hope this list will help start your rhythm adventures on Android. You will be surprised to see a number of them competing with the best Android games we currently have.

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