Best Hidden Object Games on Android 2022

While it is fun to marvel at the vast and complex games that make the most of Best Android PhonesUsing something casual can create great experiences. Hidden object games are simple in terms of complexity of gameplay means that the effort can be diverted to other areas, such as the soundtrack, style, and atmosphere. If you enjoy Fantastic puzzle gamesThese personalized experiences can be incredibly relaxing and surprisingly immersive. The AP has rounded up some of our favorite mobile hidden object games, point-and-click (or point-and-touch, I think) experiences that will really hook you.


June Journey: Hidden Objects

Interesting game first, June’s Journey: Hidden Object is a 1930s-inspired murder mystery in which you play the titular June role a trip Quest to find the truth about a death in the family. The gameplay does not need a tutorial; There is a beautifully detailed image in front of you with a list of things you need to find along the bottom of the screen. There is no time limit, in the early levels at least, so you can take your time and enjoy enough wicked music to fit the theme. There is a mechanic where the faster you find random things, the more money you earn for the secondary mechanic of the game, but this is completely optional. This secondary mechanic is a basic building simulation not unlike Simcity Buildit, where you spend the money accumulated in the hidden object game on furnishings and upgrades for the mansion. This is a good entry point for getting your feet wet, simple and uncomplicated.

Cat Forest’s Secret

Taking the theme of calmness to the next level, Secret Cat Forest is a hidden object game set in a secluded house owned exclusively by cats. The gameplay requires you to collect resources such as wood and fish to attract many wild cats to your home with furniture specially designed for them. The game details the differences between cats and what attracts them. The hidden object association is a bit complicated; This gameplay is not just about finding hidden objects in a detailed picture. The fishing game has a small mini game where you have to release your finger at exactly the right time to get as much fish as you can from a fish, and the wood collecting mini game has more in common with the clicker game. The environment is beautiful and calm, and the cats are cute. This is as peaceful as things go, so it is recommended if you are nervous.

Eldritchwood Hidden Objects

Entirely on the other side of the color spectrum, Hidden Objects in Eldritchwood is a mysterious fairy tale where the plot depends entirely on your ability to find popcorn and guitars at the carnival. The gameplay again consists of finding random objects hidden within detailed images, with needlessly ominous music, before transporting them to a hub map where you determine the next puzzle. The production value of this game is almost oddly high, with the first scene featuring a reasonably realistic, albeit brief, car driving sequence that seemed almost out of place. This one is worth checking out simply for the design aesthetic, with satisfying gameplay included.

hidden through time

As the name may have given up, Hidden Through Time is a historically themed hidden object game with a doodle art style that gives it a surreal charm. The images presented feature people dressed in age clothes running around and performing errands; While you are tasked with finding specific objects. The game feels a bit busy with the constant movement and changing time intervals, along with fast and eccentric music. Having said that, the game still offers a solid core loop, and the amount of assets on screen is quite impressive. Check it out if you’re in the mood for something a little more active.

hidden people

Oddly similar to the previous entry, Hidden Folks is a hidden object game in a doodle art style that requires you to search through detailed animated scenes full of animated characters. In terms of gameplay, this title is almost the same as Hidden Through Time, with two main differences. First, the historical trick is absent, and you can play in different places, from forests to industrial cities and towns. The second big difference is the sound design, as the sound effects in Hidden Folks consist of acapella sounds. This looks like it should become annoying, but strangely enough, it isn’t. This is worth a download simply for sound design or if the music in Hidden Through Time is too much for you.

room 3

The Room 3 is by far the most immersive game here, offering an ominous, ethereal soundtrack and 3D gameplay that could pass on to TellTale. The plot involves you being lured to an island by a mysterious character known as “The Artisan”, who forces you to solve a series of physics-based experiments to make progress. Like a saw, but not a chainsaw. The TellTale comparison is not easily made; These puzzles draw you into the world and make you feel like you are interacting with it. You don’t just touch the toaster on the fountain in this game. Add to that a spooky atmosphere that brings it all together. It is highly recommended.

Cube Escape: Paradox

On the surreal side of things, Cube Escape: Paradox brings that unsettling atmosphere right from the start. You are a famous detective, awakened in a mysterious room with amnesia, and mocked by an old enemy. You must solve your opponent’s complex puzzles to win your freedom, slowly rebuilding your memory. This is a game for challenge lovers, as some of these puzzles are really hard to solve. Add to that, the visuals in the storybook and the ominous soundtrack make for an unsettling experience. If you can overlook the odd bug, Cube Escape: Paradox is pretty absorbing.

office quest

To wind up in a weird game, The Office Quest is a puzzle game that follows a bored man into one dog on an adventure based on procrastination. Along the way, you will be asked to solve complex desk-based puzzles that open a window into this strange and illogical world. A world where onesies are the dress code, and the dress code is the law. The sense of humor in the game is highly dependent on its randomness, the effectiveness of which varies from person to person. But jokes are made with energy and confidence, and puzzles pose challenges that could be reasonable without being too easy. By far the funniest game here; check it out.

See what’s not visible on the Play Store

All of these great games share one fairly obvious theme, which is observation. There were no games that required the use of the above ears. Using your eyes is crucial in this type of challenge, which is why having them on larger screens helps so much, and is one of the ways that hidden object game developers make the most of their Best Android Tablets; More screen means more details to find. There are thousands of such games hiding in the Play Store, and the goal is to get you started with some good games.

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