Best Free Offline Android Games

Best Free Offline Android Games

The Google Play Store is absolutely full of live service games that are looking to hit your wallet at any opportunity. This is why it is better to access some games that do not require an internet connection. You can play the game anywhere, even with a spotty connection, and fully enjoy it. Here are the best free offline games to play on your Android phone, listed alphabetically.

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Best offline Android phone games for free

Alto Odyssey

Image via Alto Team

Alto’s Odyssey is a nice looking 2D endless runner game that focuses on sand boarding in different environments. The controls are as simple as any other game like this; All you do is tap the screen to jump and hold to perform tricks and add more to your score. Unlike the original Alto, this game includes wall rides, tornadoes, and new water mechanics. This is for you if all you want is a simple game with a good art style.

angry birds 2

Image via Rovio

The original Angry Birds game paved the way for mobile games to take off and gain popularity. Angry Birds 2 is the same, as you shoot birds over obstacles to eliminate the green pigs scattered around the screen. The big difference this time is that you have a card system to choose which bird or spell you will cast with the slingshot, and the pigs can retaliate with different equipment to keep the birds off their course. Angry Birds 2 is another high-quality game in the series, which makes it one of the best options to play to waste some time.

BitLife – Life Simulator

Image via Candywriters

When you hear “life simulator,” you probably first think of a game like The Sims, but BitLife is a little different. For starters, this is a text-based game where you can manage one person’s life at a time. You decide the choices that affect the course of their lives, and when they die for any reason, you start over with someone new. Although there is not much to fall in love with visually, BitLife is an addictive game that will make you test all the different possibilities.

City Island 5 – Building Sim

Image via Sparkling Society

We go from a simulator focused on life to one about creating a city. City Island has developed 5 cities spanning across multiple islands. If you enjoy games like Sim City and Cities: Skyline, you can spend a lot of free time invested in this game. In-app purchases are available, but you don’t have to spend any money on the game. Just enjoy a nice casual game where you can go at your own pace.

Crossy Road

Image via Hipster Well

Crossy Road is basically a game inspired by Frogger but it takes this idea to a new level. You will guide your character through different environments avoiding dangers such as vehicles while trying to cross safely through each highway. There really isn’t much more to it, but the simplicity of the game helps the gameplay in how addictive it is. You can also unlock hundreds of avatars to play with as you become a pro at crossing roads safely.

emergency shelter

Image via Bethesda

Fallout Shelter deviates from the traditional wasteland exploration RPG and is instead a community management game. You bring in numerous vault dwellers and assign them tasks in your vault to help your community thrive. You must do everything in your power to protect them and enhance their lives in your hideaway away from the harsh wasteland.

in the dead

Image via Pikpok

There’s no shortage of zombie survival games, but Into the Dead might be the best on mobile. During the cruel zombie apocalypse, you must get perks and weapons to fight the relentless zombies. The game is definitely impressive visually. The question is not whether you will die. It’s when.

Plague, Inc.

Image via Ndemic . Creations

After the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has changed everyone’s lives, this may not be a game you particularly want to get involved in. If that doesn’t bother you, Plague, Inc. You will name and develop a disease with the intent of infecting and killing all human life on Earth before your threat can be cured and eliminated. You will have to transform your virus to conquer the different environments, populations and scientific research in each country.

plants vs. zombies

Image via Pop Cap

plants vs. Zombies is a defense game where you plant different plants in your garden that will resist the waves of the undead. Each plant has a different benefit, such as peas or blasting cherries. As you progress, you will get more variables in enemies that will make your survival more difficult, including jumpers, helmet wearers, and giant monsters.

Riemann Adventures

Image via Ubisoft

Rayman Adventures is an auto-adventure platformer in the style of the popular Rayman Legends. The goal is to rescue the Incrediballs who have useful abilities to help you through the level. The art style of this game is great, and the platform feels comfortable on your phone. It’s not necessarily an unforgettable experience like previous Rayman games, but given that we don’t know when or if we’ll get another Rayman-starring game, we recommend trying it out.

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