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Best Android Business Apps in 2022

Both old and new companies have benefited from the relentless march of technology. From APIs that make communication and leasing with customers more accessible to algorithms designed to maximize advertising efficiency, business and technology go hand in hand. These platforms take advantage of smaller startups with less means looking to grow their businesses amid a sea of ​​opposition. With the help of these business applications, you will have access to the perfect professional business tools to manage your organization anywhere, anytime from Favorite Android phone.

WhatsApp Business

Opening with a familiar name, you might think that using WhatsApp as an effective business tool sounds silly. However, WhatsApp Business is an application specifically designed for the benefit of small businesses, allowing for fast and efficient communication with customers all over the world. The app achieves this by using automation to quickly sort and reply to messages. In addition to being free to use, WhatsApp Business allows users to showcase products on the service for potential customers to browse through. Automation works seamlessly with manual messaging to create a business model that preserves its human element while allowing the algorithm to handle the heavy lifting. If you want to improve your work efficiency but don’t want to leave your comfort zone in WhatsApp, this is worth looking into.



Slack is perfect for communication within a team, packed with customization options and quality of life features; Slack is the perfect communication tool for your business. Messaging on Slack outperforms traditional email by a large margin; The texts are practically instant and full of customization options. The interface is simple and easy to navigate, with options to create threads and channels similar to Discord, so you won’t feel far from what you’re used to. If you’re looking for something elegant and efficient to improve your team’s coordination, Slack is pricey but invaluable.


Asana is a good example of typical project management software, providing an excellent service packed with features and options to improve your business model. Best of all, if you are not interested in the idea of ​​paying for a service, Asana backs you up with a free alternative that is equally as good as it gets. The free service offers an extensive list of features for managing projects and teams, logging activity and progress, and viewing multiple projects from a single interface. Highly recommended for those dealing with multiple projects that need individual management and attention.

Climate forecast

Forecasts offer a unique way to improve productivity, using color coding to tell your team what actions to take. Color labels allow you to quickly and efficiently detect specific situations and what is going on within your productivity line. The app is also great for thinking ahead, costing potential business ventures. Expenses are generally monitored to ensure that no cent is spent without your knowledge of it. If streamlining your business in a cost-effective environment is what you are looking for, then Forecast is perfect.


A great progress tracker, Trello helps you and your team keep track of project progress. The app is excellent for designing a productivity checklist, what you’ve done, what you should do, and what you’ll do in the future. The entries for these networks can include many defining features, such as responsible person, task, subtasks, and more. One of the savings features of Trello is that it can be used for almost any type of data, making it ideal for any type of business that deals with unique products or services. While functionally weaker than some competitors, Trello provides a valuable roadmap of goals and objectives for you and your team.


You’re probably familiar with this if you’ve recently been involved in remote work. The app offers group communication with multiple team members via both messaging and group video calls, with an interface that is easy to understand and in keeping with other Microsoft software in terms of simplicity. Microsoft Teams provides quick integration with other Microsoft services, such as Word and Excel. Talking to your team in real time has the potential to increase your productivity; Don’t waste time with emails that take time to deliver and risk losing the human element. This collaborative element also takes advantage of cloud storage, allowing your team to quickly and securely share important documents. If simplicity is what you’re looking for in a team management software, Teams works wonders.


An excellent app for improving your projects and sales, Scoro displays all relevant information for managing your business in one interface, with clear boundaries that avoid looking cluttered. All current tasks, time spent on work, and pipeline status are all displayed simultaneously, updated in real time, and engineered to fit the mobile app format. Scoro aims to eliminate distractions and wait times for vital information, ensure you always have up-to-date facts and figures, and also allows integration of other services such as Outlook, Dropbox and Google Drive for the benefit of your team. . A great service to revolutionize your organization and simplify the direction of your business.

Lead your team on the go

The improvement of mobile devices has irreversibly changed business, moving away from boardrooms and portfolios of paperwork toward convenience, innovation, and understanding. as such Working from home and its benefits Becoming more viable in terms of technology, modern business applications can offset windfall gains when the human element steps in, managing sick pay and vacation days and even allowing unprepared team members to contribute from anywhere in the world. All from the comfort of your Android device. So what are you waiting for? Improving your business has never been easier with the touch of a button.

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