Battery swelling problem in Samsung phones

Battery swelling problem in Samsung phones

The YouTuber notes that the batteries on some old and not so old Samsung phones are swollen, but it’s unclear if there’s something wrong with the system

Samsung phone batteries are back in the headlines after reports that batteries in Samsung phones are swelling at a disproportionately high rate.

This was first noticed by YouTuber Arun Rupesh Maini (aka mrwhosetheboss on YouTube), Posted the video earlier this week You mentioned that the battery bulge issue was more likely in older phones, although some are as young as two years old, like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for example (as of 2020).

Mrwhosetheboss has nearly 12 million YouTube subscribers and has amassed every flagship Samsung phone since 2010. In fact, one wall of the room was littered with Samsung phones. The other walls contain phones from other manufacturers.

Galaxy S10. Image credit: Samsung

Battery swelling

Mr.whosetheboss said he was about to make a video about his Samsung range of phones, when he noticed that the battery in his Galaxy Note 8 (from 2017) had exploded a lot, “breaking the glass on the back and splitting the phone inside two.” “

Ordered to have it replaced, but before it arrived he noticed that two other Samsung devices had experienced the same thing. This was the Samsung Galaxy S6 from 2015 and the Galaxy S10 from 2019.

The YouTuber said he wasn’t sure if this had just happened in the past two weeks or if he had just noticed.

Mrwhosetheboss said all of his devices have been turned off and not used much, often only used for two weeks after release or during comparison tests.

He checked his collection of Apple iPhones and other phones, all stored in the same environment, and found no problem with mobiles from Asus, Google, etc., but only with Samsung devices.

He then tweeted about the issue and whether the UK heat wave in the summer has affected Samsung phones the most.

Samsung’s press office immediately called and launched an investigation, collecting his affected mobile devices that were sent to Samsung Labs, without specifying whether his phones would be repaired or replaced.

Fifty days later and he hasn’t heard anything from Samsung.

Other reports

Then Mrwhosetheboss ran into another person on Twitter (this time in America), who noticed the exact same problem with his batch of Samsung phones. said the bloating problem was found in every Samsung phone over three years old in his collection.

This disturbing confirmation caused Mrwhosetheboss to scan his private collection of Samsung phones.

In addition to his current three losses, he found the same problem on his Galaxy S8, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10 5G.

Then it was found that the problem also applies to Samsung’s much-touted foldable phones.

My Galaxy Z Fold 2 was only used for three weeks and only two years old and it also got damaged due to a swollen battery.

Other YouTubers

Mrwhosetheboss then called another great YouTuber, Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) to ask if he had found the same issue.

Brownlee admitted they always find one or two phones where the battery swells and it’s almost always Samsung phones.

Oddly enough, Brownlee said, it was none other than a Samsung phone.

Mrwhosetheboss pointed to the previous issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which saw the device banned from carriers due to the risk of fire.

A fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 battery led Samsung to make a massive recall that tarnished the company’s reputation for quite some time.

Mrwhosetheboss then contacted a teardown specialist (jerryrigeverything) who also noticed his old Samsung batteries were expanding. The shredder said it’s possible that the electrolytes in the Samsung battery are decomposing and releasing a “gaseous substance.”

At this time Mrwhosetheboss also noticed that your Galaxy S20 FE (released only two years ago) was also affected by a swollen battery.

fire hazards?

He noted that Samsung batteries have the number 5 written on the back, which indicates that the battery should be free from defects for 5 years.

He also referred to an iFixit article that warned that swollen batteries are at risk of ignition or exploding.

It should be remembered that Samsung sold 300 million devices last year, and these results may indicate that more than 25 percent of those are at risk of this problem.

The problem is usually obvious (the phone’s back is loose), but it can be subtle enough that a person doesn’t realize their battery is in a dangerous condition.

It should be noted that this is not a new or unique issue for Samsung.

It is known that as lithium batteries age, their increasingly defective chemical reactions can produce gas that blows battery cells and increases the risk of fire.

The risk of this getting worse if the battery is left without charging or discharging for an extended period, and many companies (including Apple) recommend that smartphone batteries be kept at around 50 percent charge if the device is not used for long periods.

Samsung’s response

Samsung provided an update on this to Mrwhosetheboss, saying that it is “aware of this and is looking into further technical evaluations.”

Encourage customers with questions to contact their local customer service representative.

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